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'05 Passat wagon brake light DIY

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Hi everyone. My stop lights were burnt and I was having trouble finding a DIY for the taillight bulb replacement on the B5 so I snapped some photos when I changed mine. Mine was on the driver side, I imagine the passenger side is similar if not easier as there is not a shelf with a bunch of wires in your way.

First off, you'll need a pair of 7225 bulbs.

Open the door behind the lens cover.

Move the wire harness out of it's holder. You'll probably need the space to pull the bulb carrier out of the way.

The black piece is the carrier for the bulbs. Disconnect the three plugs from it. The top two have tabs that you squeeze to release them. My hand wouldn't fit too well on the lower one so I GENTLY pried them one at a time to ease the plug off.

The gray plastic piece holds the turn signal bulb. Turn it counterclockwise 1/4 turn to release it.

There are two tabs that hold the carrier in place. Push them inwards and the assembly should come out easily.

Turn the bulbs counterclockwise 1/4 turn to release the bulbs. The carrier has two j shaped hooks in it. Line up the posts on the new bulb, push and turn.

Push the bulb carrier back in place.

Line up the gray piece with the hole. The two metal prongs on it should be on the lower side. Twist clockwise.

Plug the wires back in and test it out. Put the wire harness for the amp back in it's strap and put the door back on and you are done. Easy peasy.
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Thanks for the writeup, it will be added to the FAQ and considered for the writeup contest! A criticism, some of the pictures were blurry, try taking a few pictures of each step so that you'll have a good one. Also, try taking pictures with more frame and context, in other words, try showing a little more around the "target" so that it's easier to see where you are. Picture quality is one of the criteria for the writeup contest, see the general forum sticky post for more rules and guidelines, thanks again!
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