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05 bhw oil in charge tubes

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Greetings, Have a 2005 passat 2.0 tdi, there seems to be oil in the charge air tubes. Not running out, but very wet with oil. In the middle of balance shaft replacement, timing belt, no problems with car other than trying to get ahead of all the bad this engine seems to be born with.
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Some oil in the intake is normal on all TDI. It's because the crank case ventilation tube goes back into the intake. If it's pooled up then the turbo could be blown.
I needed to hear that, it's not pooled, just wet that if you wipe up inside the tube, the towel is real black.
After a weekend of wrenching on this car doing all the 100k maintenance and the balance shaft assembly, I'm happy to hear that it is not a problem.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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