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My friend gave me a 04 Passat TDI. The body is in very good condition and the engine runs great with no error codes. 150 k miles. BUT it has the automatic transmission that is junk. I know they don't have a good report at all but I am curious what others would do with the car and more specifically what are the true options. I got 2 quotes on rebuilding the tranny and both came in around $6000. Has any one had any experience with a rebuild? How many miles would you expect and is there anything that i can do to make them last better? Any suggestions on a good rebuilder for those transmissions? I'll drive a ways to find a good reputation.
The other question is, "Is it possible to switch it out for a 5 speed manual trans?" Is it advisable? Has it been done? and what all is involved?
I am a mechanic and have the VCDS software but don't have a lot of experience with the TDIs. I've had a 97 passat TDI for a while with no issues and just got a 05 Jetta for my son that i am working some bugs out of but not much experience other wise. THanks
I had my transmission rebuild 11 months ago by a ZF transmission guy, all new ZF parts $3400. 342,000 miles the drum broke preventing it from going into reverse. ERIKSSON INDUSTRIES is the ZF distributor for America. Call them, see who buys ZF parts close to you.
You MUST use ONLY a ZF torque converter from Eriksson OR will be doing it over and over.
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