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Installed a 034 2-position adjustable 25.4MM solid rear sway bar on my mkvi Golf yesterday. This was a better than average mint condition local CL find. The RSB sale also included additional 034 adjustable billet rear end links. 034 says this RSB is engineered to work with the stock front sway bar. After talking to some guys at work and a little online goggling it sounded like I should think about upgrading the front end links and call it a day. I already had been hearing chatter from my oe front end links most of this winter so I ordered the 034 adjustable front sway bar end links and some extra rubber dust boots. I could have easily installed this myself but had a local vw/suspension guy install it instead because there are never enough hours in a day and I was feeling lazy.

I don't mind the way my mkvi Golf drives but coming from a mkv GTI I could do with a little less body roll. I should also say upfront I have no plans or interest on dropping the ride height any more than a 1/2", this is my daily that I piles miles on. I have been leaning toward vwracing's coil springs which sound a good compromise with only a 1/2" drop. Stock ride height is the long erm goal.

After pickup up my golf yesterday and putting just over 300 miles on the new setup I can say that I am pretty happy. Everything installed was pretty much set to medium and it shows. Even tweaked in the middle my golf feels way happier in the corners now. Off ramps at speed are way more predictable. The Golf feels way more planted now but not overly stiff. I was also pretty surprised how much further I could push my snow tires in corners on on wet roads. The reduced body is excellent. The difference is almost night and day.

300 miles isn't enough for an honest review, I will check back in 1-2K.

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