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I could use some help.
03 Jetta TDi Wagon with 160,000 miles. Bough the car with 100,000 miles.
Since I purchased the car the wipers have always parked high on the windshield. About 3 inches up from the base of the windshield. When they are turned on they sweep just fine, drop down to about 1 inch from the base of the windshield and park around 3 inches from base of windshield.
So the other I day pulled the wiper arms, the wiper transmission and wiper motor as an assembly, cleaned all of the debris from that area and put things back together. I followed my Bentley manual on how to align wiper transmission arms and put the wiper blades back on the car at the specified 25mm from the base of the windshield.
Put everything back together.
BUT now the wipers wont park. I turn the wipers on to the first position which is intermittent and they function normally. When I turn the wipers off the wipers sweep down to the base of the windshield, pause for a very short moment, then continue to wipe. Regardless of what position I put the wiper switch into, same result. I turn off the wipers and they simply wont. Everything seems to function correctly except they wont turn off.
So, what the hell did I do wrong? I did a search, couldn't find much, and out of desperation went over to VWvortex. Not much there either.
Can anyone steer me in the right direction?
Thank you for any advice,
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