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  1. Hi from Scotland

    New TDI forum member introductions
    Hi I’m obviously new to this forum so here my introduction lol My name is chris but call me dycie, 31yo drive buses/coaches. My car is a 2006 skoda Octavia vrs pfl with a 2.0tdi PD170 BMN, current mods are DPF, EGR, inlet flap deletes, alloy wheels & coilovers. I have an issue that...
  2. Hello from Dominican Republic! Have you heard of Skoda? haha

    New TDI forum member introductions
    Hello, I'm from DR, I have an 07 Skoda Superb 1.9TDI PD (AVF) (130bhp), It's a VW B5.5, but it is a little bit extended in the rear for a limousine style ride in the back seat. I recently (this month) did a conversion to manual, since the transmission with about 70k miles died on me, so if you...