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  1. Rear Wiper Issues

    VW Mk4 Jetta, Golf, New Beetle, Passat TDI forum
    So I am at a dead end on getting my rear wiper to start working again. I had deleted it after I got the car due to the cost of getting a motor at the time. after doing some mods, I have found that having the rear wiper working would be beneficial. I bought a used motor and it did not work, got a...
  2. Post 5th gear change issues!

    VW Mk4 Jetta, Golf, New Beetle, Passat TDI forum
    I did a 5th gear change on Monday and it went well thanks to the information I found on the forums. As I expected I did loose cruise control in 5th gear, this was not a surprise as I had read in many posts and pages that this was likely. One thing that did surprise me was the loss of my AC...
  3. 2004 Jetta BEW PD - New Owner - Difficult Cold Starts Below 10degF

    VW Mk4 Jetta, Golf, New Beetle, Passat TDI forum
    Hi folks! I'm new to the forum and recently purchased a 2004 Jetta BEW PD with 265K km = 165K miles. I'm really glad I found this forum as it is an outstanding resource! As I wasn't sure of the maintenance history of my TDI, so in the last couple of months I changed the timing belt, oil and...
  4. Introduction and cylinder head gasket repair

    New TDI forum member introductions
    Hello, JGolf here. I am a newcomer to the forum. My vehicle is a 2005 Golf 1.9 BEW automatic, newly purchased, 192000 miles. Previously owned a 2009 Jetta TDI. Live in Greenville NC. I apologize for the length of my post. I loved my last TDI and want this one to be as reliable as my Jetta...
  5. Engine noise loud around 1900 rpm

    VW Mk4 Jetta, Golf, New Beetle, Passat TDI forum
    Hey all, 2004 Jetta GLS wagon with BEW engine. Car has always been very noisy and vibrates more intensely between ~1800-2000 rpm. I would say it increases in sound intensity by 2 or 3 times through this narrow range. If I set it on cruise control in this range the noise and vibration is...
  6. KP39 turbo Disassembly

    VW Mk4 Jetta, Golf, New Beetle, Passat TDI forum
    I need to take the charge air side off my borg-warner turbo to drill out one of the bolts the used to hold on the actuator.... can anyone point me in the direction of a how-to or schematic of the turbo so that I can see how to take it apart. it looks like it might just be a snap ring that...
  7. had to drive with damaged camshaft... what to look for during repair?

    VW Mk4 Jetta, Golf, New Beetle, Passat TDI forum
    During a long highway trip in my '05 Golf TDI, the engine suddenly became louder with a deep, throaty chugging sound and I lost power. No limp mode. Given the power loss I suspected that I was now down a cylinder, but continued on for 150km at a reduced speed and managed to get to town. It got...