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  1. New TDI forum member introductions
    So this is odd lol. I tried starting to make a profile on here and it literally said verbatim “the email address you entered has been banned by the administrator. Please try another.” Makes no sense at all unless they’ve blocked all users that have a ProtonMail account. Sucks cuz the email I...
  2. Audi Q5, Q7, Touareg TDI, Porsche Cayenne forum
    Hi! Not really problem with Touareg or Cayenne, but my VW has the same 3.0TDI engine as those cars, so I'll give it a go - I have problem with my Diesel overcooling too much. It doesn't get to 90C, or gets there after extremely long time of idling in driveway. When it get's to 90C - it becomes...
1-2 of 2 Results