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New TDI forum member introductions

TDI forums introductions
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General Diesel Discussion

Volkswagen - Audi TDI forums and Chevy Cruze diesel forum
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2014+ Chevy Cruze diesel forum and club

Chevrolet Chevy Cruze diesel forum, mpg, reviews, and tuning
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Audi TDI forums

Audi TDI diesel discussion forum
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Mk7 VW Golf, Sportwagen and Audi A3 TDI forums

Golf, Sportwagen, and Audi A3 TDI reviews, mpg, tuning, maintenance, and discussion forum
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2012-2016 VW Passat TDI forum

NMS Volkswagen Passat TDI diesel forum, reviews, repair, and mpg
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VW Mk6 Golf, Jetta, Beetle, Sportwagen TDI forum

VW Sportwagen TDI forum, Volkswagen Jetta, Golf, Beetle reviews, mpg, tuning, and repair
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Mk5 VW Jetta, Sportwagen, and Audi A3 TDI forum

VW Jetta and Sportwagen TDI forum and Audi A3 TDI troubleshooting, mpg, tuning, and repair forum
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Audi Q5, Q7, Touareg TDI, Porsche Cayenne forum

VW Touareg, Audi Q7, Q5 TDI, Porsche Cayenne diesel mpg, review, performance, and repair forum
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VW Mk4 Jetta, Golf, New Beetle, Passat TDI forum

mk4 Volkswagen TDI forum, Audi TDI troubleshooting forum, mpg, parts, and performance 1998-2006
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VW Mk3 Jetta, Passat TDI and other/older diesels

VW TDI repair and troubleshooting forum and Audi TDI discussion forum up to ~1999
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SEAT and Škoda TDI

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Members only content and resources

Forum members only, registration is free so join our community if you wish to view the content.
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Biodiesel forum Biodiesel and TDI forum

Biodiesel general

Uding biodiesel in VW TDI or Audi TDI
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Classifieds Section VW TDI for sale, Audi TDI for sale, Porsche, and Chevy Cruze diesel classifieds

Diesel Cars and SUV

VW TDI for sale, Audi TDI for sale, Porsche, and Chevy Cruze diesel for sale/wanted
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Diesel parts

VW TDI parts, Audi TDI parts, Porsche diesel parts, Chevy Cruze diesel parts for sale
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Vendor Member Section

Vendor Deals

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Community Help Section TDI forum suggestions and comments

Community Help

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Off Topic Section

The off ramp

off topic and other automotive chat
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