OEM VW and Audi wheel picture gallery, specs, and part numbers

This index contains pictures, database of part numbers and center caps, and specifications of OEM VW wheels and OEM Audi wheels.

If you have a better picture or see an error, please post the correction in the forums and I will change it ASAP.  I will also watermark credits to your picture upon request, thank you!  

The differences in recommended wheel size for the TDI is due to generational differences, gearing and power differences, and stock wheel sizes.  Bolt patterns are not interchangeable.  To see if a wheel may fit, see 1000q: Tire, wheel, offset, and gearing calculator

When choosing tire sizes, stretching the tire slightly is normally better than pinching the tire (tire too wide for wheel width).  Tire width does not equal contact patch width or wheel width.  For example, the tire for a 6.5" wide wheel could have a contact patch between 5.5-8" wide depending on how stretched or pinched the tire is.  Different models and even different sizes of tires have different sidewall profiles and tread contact patches.  Tirerack.com and other tire sellers list tires specifications if the tire manufacturer publishes them.  The can also be found directly at the tire manufacturer's website.  Your local tire store should also have the tires for you to look at in person and usually match online pricing after shipping and installation.

NOTE: virtually all modern OEM VW/Audi wheels use ball seat lug bolts with 14x1.5 bolt thread.  VW/Audi use lug bolts instead of nuts.

Mk3 VW wheels and earlier generations

model years bolt pattern approx stock offsets recommended wheel range (diameter x width) for TDI, in inches
Jetta 1997-early 1999 4x100 45 (14-16)x(5.5-7)
Passat 1996-1997 4x100 38 (14-16)x(6-7)
Golf up to 1999 4x100 45 (14-16)x(5.5-7)

Mk4 VW and compatible Audi wheels

Jetta late 1999.5-early 2005 5x100 38 (15-17)x(6-7.5)
Passat 1998-2005 5x112 38-45 (15-17)x(6-7.5)
Golf 1999-2006 5x100 38 (15-17)x(6-7.5)
New Beetle 1998-2006 5x100 38 (15-17)x(6-7.5)
mk1 Audi TT 1998-2006 5x100 . Not avail as TDI in North America
mk2 Audi TT 2006+ 5x112 .
Audi A4/A6/A8 1996+ 5x112 38-45 Not avail as TDI in North America

Mk5 - mk6 VW and Audi Q7 wheels 

Jetta late 2005.5+ 5x112 48-50 (15-18)x(6-7.5)
Golf 2006+ 5x112 45-50 (15-18)x(6-7.5)
VW Touareg or Audi Q7 2004+ 5x130 55 with 500 lb-ft torque, go for it
Eos 2007+ 5x112 . Not avail as TDI in North America
Tiguan 2009+ 5x112 . Not avail as TDI in North America

Wheel picture gallery organized by lug pattern and wheel diameter

4x100 bolt pattern

13"  wheels
14"  wheels

15", 16"  wheels

5x100 bolt pattern

15" VW  wheels
16" VW  wheels
16", 17" Audi  wheels
17" VW  wheels
18" VW and Audi wheels

5x112 bolt pattern

15" VW  wheels
16" VW  wheels
15", 16" Audi  wheels
17" VW  wheels
17" Audi  wheels
18" VW  wheels
18" Audi  wheels
19, 20" , 21" VW and Audi  wheels

5x130 bolt pattern (VW Touareg and Audi Q7 only)

All 16, 17, 18,19, 20, 21": Audi Q7 and Touareg wheels


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