mk4 vs. mk5 VW TDI differences

The mk5 cars are the 5th generation VW cars and were released with diesel engines in the jetta only.  The early (2005.5-2006) jetta are pumpe duse.  In late 2008, VW released the new 2009 jetta sedan and jetta sportwagen with common rail direct injection in an all new 2.0L TDI engine.  The major differences to past engines is the dual camshafts, intake on the front of the engine, turbo pointing up from the exhaust manifold, common rail fuel injection.


Door panel skins are removable for repair, see 1000q: door skin removal for tips.

All TDI come in the US with ESP stability control, ABS, front, side, and head curtain airbags.


The mk5 jetta is slightly larger than the mk4 jetta.

The front and rear seats are not interchangeable with the mk4 vs mk5 without custom modification.

In dash 6 CD changer is standard with the premium 7 radio.  Later cars used the touchscreen premium 8 radio.


The MK4 cars have torsion beam rear axles.  The MK5 cars have a fully independent rear suspension.


The DSG transmission is an option on MK5 cars, it was only available in some MK4 cars like the last years of the New beetle.

MK5 engine code is BRM, mk4 pumpe duse engines use the BEW in the jetta, new beetle, or golf. The engines (except passat) are basically the same but the MK5 engine is rated for slightly more hp/tq due to some minor modifications.  The BHW in the passat is a very different engine.

These modifications include a front mount intercooler in front of the radiator in the mk5 cars, the MK4 uses a side mount intercooler.  The mk5 cars also have a better air intake.  

All MK5 diesels use an O2 sensor in the exhaust, only pumpe duse MK4 cars use an O2 sensor.  No pre-pumpe duse MK4 cars use an O2 sensor in the exhaust.  It is not for fuel metering but for controlling the EGR and emissions.  Newer 2009 TDI use a regenerating diesel particulate filter, backpressure valve, and sensors in the exhaust to control the high and low pressure EGR and post combustion injection .

MK5 is electronic assist steering, all other cars use a hydraulic assist steering.

Although the headlight switches look the same, the electronics are totally different and are not compatible.  The actual switch is also thicker on the mk5.

The n75 solenoids are not interchangeable:  BEW is 1K0 906 627 A,  ALH is 1J0 906 627 A

The starter that was used from 1996-2005 in the VW TDI is different from the 2005+ starter.

The water pump is a completely new design.  The BRM engine from the mk4 Jetta uses the VW# 045 121 011H water pump.  The mk4 BEW engine uses the VW#  038 121 011G or J water pump


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