Cosmetic differences in Volkswagen Jetta TDI of pumpe duse vs. not pumpe duse

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In 2002, they changed the radio from a 1 din slot system to a 2 din (double din) system.  Both had an optional cd changer in the trunk.  The older radio is generally regarded as sounding better.  They cannot be swapped.  If you have the double din and want a better sounding OEM radio, the Europe Delta 6 radio is considered to be a big improvement.  See the mk4 TDI buying guide part 2 for more details on the Delta 6.  Sometime around 2003, they also deleted the cupholder above the CD slot pictured below right and moved it to the armrest area.

Pre 2002         (none are pumpe duse)      Post 2002

These pictures can let you quickly see if your car is pumpe duse or not.  This is for North American equipped cars only and assumes someone didn't swap parts.  Click here for an explanation of pumpe duse vs regular direct injection.  Some cars with pumpe duse have worn down their camshafts lobes.  Some believe it's due partly from engine oil.   Refer to 1000 answered questions for a list of approved engine oils for the pumpe duse.  See 1000q: camshaft inspection on how to check for worn lobes.



NOT pumpe duse Pumpe Duse (2004+)
Gauge cluster

The cluster now has silver rings.

Engine cover
Taillights and trunk lid White lens and small lip on trunk
Body side rub strip not chrome (body colored) chrome strip lengthwise running down the side of the car optional, some cars use a body colored strip like all earlier cars.

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