2004-2005 VW Passat TDI "how to" and DIY index, BHW engine

Here is the DIY TDI FAQ for B5 VW Passat TDI.  The B5 TDI was only sold 2004 2005 and with tiptronic transmission.

Did you just buy a Passat TDI or are you looking for one?  See 1000q: new Passat TDI owner checklist for a list of common problems, quirks, and immediate maintenance.


Removing the front bumper or putting the lock carrier in the service position or remove it

Hard or no starts in cold temperatures after having the glow plug recall done

Engine oil drain and oil filter change 2004 2005 VW Passat TDI (every 10,000 miles)

Fuel filter change and interval (drain water every 10,000 miles, replace every 20,000 miles)

Glow plug removal, recall, and How to do an engine compression test on your TDI (Bosch ceramic plugs were under recall)

Stripped glow plug thread repair

Splash shield removal and fastener parts list (for gasser and diesel VW Passat)

Oil pump/ balance shaft/ chain noise/ rattling engine noise FAQ - TDI engine only part 1- background and technical information
TDI engine inspection and repair of failed oil pump
(part 2 - goes beyond only balance shaft assembly replacement)
Balance shaft assembly and oil pump replacement with OEM gear drive assembly - part 1
- introduction and lowering the subframe
Balance shaft assembly and oil pump replacement - part 2 - oil pan and balance shaft assembly removal, exclusive content, please join our forums to view

BHW TDI engine timing belt - part 1- removal
TDI BHW engine timing belt - part 2- installation
(exclusive content, please join our forums to view)

Pumpe duse engine camshaft lobe wear inspection

How to remove PD TDI fuel injectors (please join our forums to view)
How to remove PD TDI fuel inj #2

How to fix a rough idle or hard start caused by camshaft timing

Water pump removal and replacement (can solve mystery overheating)

Thermostat replacement on Passat

How to do a coolant flush, bleed radiator, or drain coolant on Passat (air can become trapped in the heater core, sloshing sound after engine start)

Serpentine belt and AC belt removal on VW Passat TDI

alternator removal on VW Passat
testing the battery and replacement

Alternator troubleshooting, pulley replacement, and voltage regulator repair

Battery part number reference

Starter removal and won't start or crank diagnostics

AC condenser compressor removal

VW Passat engine and transmission removal

Downpipe or O2 sensor replacement and removal

intake manifold and EGR removal

Engine air filter replacement

Motor mount replacement (if you see red stains under them they're bad)

Fuel tank venting (lets you put in a few more gallons of fuel per tank)

How to repair broken plastic vacuum nipple

Engine runaway FAQ (rare problem where the engine races on its own due to mechanical malfunction)

Immobilizer FAQ (anti theft system)
mk4 VW key FAQ, battery replacement, and key replacement



Inner, outer CV boot and joint replacement and axle removal (do you see grease sprayed on the inside of the wheels or have vibration at idle that goes away in N?)

Automatic tiptronic transmission fluid drain and filter change - for 01v 5 speed, also how to replace fluid in the torque converter

Transmission mount replacement and alignment


Tire / Wheel / gearing calculator

Tire and wheel size calculator - also does wheel clearance, offset, and final drive gearing calculations


Brakes and suspension

Brake master cylinder / brake booster removal on VW Passat

How to bleed brakes and get out air bubbles on VW Passat (every 2 years or as needed)

Front brake job
rear brake job and rear wheel bearing removal Passat

Control arm replacement, tie rod end replacement, or steering knuckle removal

Inner and outer tie rod end replacement

sway bar and bushing replacement (to fix misc suspension noise)

Rear shock and spring removal/installation, also heavy duty towing spring modification

Power steering fluid, power steering pump, and steering rack change removal

How to remove the Volkswagen Passat steering wheel.


Car Detailing

Car detailing index: wash and wax the proper way, polishing paint, using rubbing compound, clay bar treatment
    Washing/waxing your car - yes, there is a right way
    Polishing your paint/swirl mark removal - enhance paint shine and remove paint spiderwebbing
    Clay bar treatment - make the paint feel like glass
    Sticker removal - safely remove that sticker from the paint
    Headlight polishing - restore the headlight plastic to clear
    Wax stain removal  - remove white stains on the trim
    Paint chip repair
    Small scratch removal


Misc., body, interior

Door lock module removal (if your interior light doesn't come on when you open the driver door)

VCDS (ross tech vagcom) mods, tricks, and settings - These can disable auto-unlock of the doors above 10 mph, unlock all doors with one press of the remote, or adjust the horn/light blinking when locking/unlocking the car.

window regulator repair and window motor replacement, and window clips

Door card removal on mk4 B5 VW Passat and B5.5 Passat (also shown is side view mirror removal)

What the part numbers mean and how to decode the Volkswagen/Audi part numbers with ETKA

How to swap in power and/or heated seats

How to remove the seats or the CCM or automatic transmission ECU

iPod adapter and aux-in information (only for OEM parts since there are so many aftermarket)

How to remove the glove box Passat and part numbers

Clicking turn signal relay repair and hazard switch relay replacement (turn signals not working)

How to remove the center console or shifter knob

Tips and tricks for the mechanic

cabin air filter replacement

Jack points to raise my 2005 VW Passat

How to fix shaking headlights - most noticeable when at a stoplight

Dashboard camera (dashcam) hardwire installation

Fuel filler door modification - lets it pop open further (Jetta shown but Passat is similar)

How to replace the tail light bulbs

fender removal

Mudflap installation

Making wood blocks to raise the car

Blind spot mirror or side view mirror replacement

Turn signal replacement, side view mirror replacement, or side view mirror cover removal

grille modification for more air intake

misc lower dashboard trim and steering column trim removal

How to remove the ignition switch and lock cylinder

How to use a torque wrench and torque wrench FAQ

Adding soundproofing to the TDI and introduction to soundproofing theory

Clearing the sunroof drains to prevent water in the interior

Ecode headlights - what are they and how do you use them (for the mk4 generation but the same idea)

DRL daytime running light disable
Adding HID headlights to the projector headlight on VW Passat

How to change the H7 headlight bulbs on VW Passat

How to remove the side marker light bulb (or remove the light)

Fender rolling to fit larger wheels

MK3 vs MK4 generational differences - 3rd vs. 4th gen differences and interchangeable parts

OEM VW/Audi wheel gallery, part numbers, and specs

light bulb replacement reference table

Wheel alignment specifications table

Touch up paint code reference table


More TDI FAQ at 1000 answered questions: turbodiesel FAQ and general "how to" index

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