How to retrofit door open warning lights aka puddle lights

This article shows DIY puddle lights to a mk5 or mk6 VW Golf, JSW, Jetta, and Passat

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Although this article refers to the lights as puddle lights, these are actually door open warning lights that can serve as puddle lights. The difference is that VW puddle lights are white lights located on the underside of the side view mirror housings and are activated whenever the car is locked or unlocked. These illuminate the sides of the car and the ground. This is what they look like:

They were only installed on 2005.5 Jetta, a few 2006 Jetta, Touareg, and possibly some higher trim level Passat.

The door open warning lights are red lights near the bottom of the inside doors that shine red light back and white light down. See the last picture of this article for an example. These warn traffic that the doors are open and can also serve as puddle lights if the doors are open. Most North American spec VW only have red reflectors which don't shine any light. This mod replaces the red reflector with a light which is red on the top and white on the bottom to shine white light to the ground.

Although a mk6 JSW is shown, the same procedure applies to mk5 and mk6 Golf, Jetta, Sportwagen, and B6 and B7 Passat.

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one ross tech VCDS cable and software
1K0 947 411 A - Warning Light (One Per Door)
1J0 971 972 - Connector Housing for Warning Light (One Per Door)
000 979 131 E - Repair Wire (One per light / Two for the Rear Doors Controllers)
000 979 009 E - Repair Wire (Two for the Front Door Controllers)

Procedure to add door open warning lights

Front doors

Start by pulling the door panel. Unplug the connector from the door control module.

Cut off the zip tie and slide the housing off the connector. To wire the lights, connect the hot wire to pin 18 on the door and pin 2 on the puddle light; the ground is pin 19 on the controller and pin 1 on the light.

Reassemble, run on bit 6 on the last byte on the door controller with VCDS, and test.

Rear Doors

Take apart the doors, and pop the connector off the control module using a flat head screwdriver.

Use a flat head screwdriver to pull the locking tab out.

Pin 14 is the hot connection, and goes to pin 2 on the light connector. Pin 4 is the ground, and goes to pin 1 on the light connector.

Don't forget to push the locking tab back in. Reassemble the door.

Coding is done in the module for the front doors through your VCDS tool.

Use the drop down to change the module to be coded before opening the long coding helper. Turn on bit 6 of the last byte. Save and Exit.

Since there was some controversy as to how much they illuminate, here's a shot with the front and rear doors open on one side.

If you have more questions about puddle lights system on VW, please ask in the myturbodiesel forums linked at the top or search below: