How to add voice control and phonebook to your VW Jetta, Golf, or wagon: JSW, GSW TDI

To add voice control or phone book display on your 2010 Golf, Jetta wagon, or Golf wagon TDI, you have to retrofit the 9w2 bluetooth module for 9w7.  This article shows where to buy, price, and a video showing how to swap it.

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Your 9w2 bluetooth module doesn't have voice control or the phone book display in the MFD.  If you install the 9w7 bluetooth module, swap it and you'll get these features and more options like ringtone options and a2dp streaming music (like from your iphone).  For some comparisons of the different VW bluetooth modules, see 1000q: VW general bluetooth module FAQ.  The 9w7 module is the newer module for 2011 and newer TDI in North America and is a direct plug play on 2010 models.  It won't work on 2009 and earlier since they use the red multifunction display (MFD).  If you have the RNS 510 navigation system, it will also display the phone book or keypad on the touchscreen.  Examples are below.

All cars with a highline display (all US TDI) will show the phone book.  If your car only has the half screen display, it won't show the features or phonebook.

The 9w7 module will only work on white screen MFD (like shown below).  If your screen is red, it won't work.  You must use the 9w3 module for red screens.  See the general bluetooth FAQ linked above.

Streaming bluetooth music a2dp on the module will play streaming music from something like an iphone or ipod touch.  There's a button on the RCD 510 radio or you can press the voice control button and say music - play.  However, if you're swapping from a factory module that was mono, the 9w7 is stereo and will only play streaming bluetooth music out the right.  For stereo you have to add 2 wires for the left speakers.

If you want to DIY harness, here are all the parts. You need 2 VW repair wires. Cut them in half, solder w/your own extension wire in the middle, and plug them into the existing connector. Connect pin 5 to pin 5 and pin 11 on the radio to pin 4 on the bluetooth. Here are detailed instructions:

12 pin connector (6×2 rows) – green- 3B7 035 447 B (3B7035447B) – radio end

Repair Wire 0.5mm – 000 979 009 (000979009)

Behind the RADIO, unplug the GREEN (GREEN GREEN GREEN) harness from the RADIO and take the "shell" off of the harness (you will see what I am talking about once you unplug the harness). The harness is numbered on both the shell and on the actual harness itself. Plug the wires in as described below:
pin 5 – telephone audio input signal left negative
pin 11 – Telephone audio input signal left, positive

54 pin connector (18×3 rows) – big blue plug - 4E0 972 144 (4E0972144) bluetooth module end

Repair Wire 0.5mm – 000 979 010E (000979010E)

Behind the BLUETOOTH MODULE unplug the GIANT BLUE(this thing is massive) harness from the 9W7 and de-shell that badboy (again, you will see what I am talking about). Like before, this one is numbered on both the shell and the harness itself. Plug the wires in as described below:
pin 4 - Audio LF Signal out +
pin 5 - Audio LF Signal Out –

If you have 9w2 bluetooth, the phone book "microphone button" on the lower left spoke only mutes the stereo.  If you add 9w3 or 9w7 bluetooth it will no longer mute the stereo - it will activate voice control.  Say "help" and the voice control will explain the menus.  There is an option to keep the button as mute or change it to voice control if you swap the modules.  The overhead console's bluetooth button will act as the voice control button instead.
menu phone book jetta


Parts (click link to compare current pricing at vendor)
one 9w7 module: VW# 7p6 035 730 c (7p6035730c) from

Procedure: 9w2 bluetooth module swap with 9w7 

Slide the passenger seat all the way back and release the velcro holding the foam box underneath the seat.  Flip the box upside down.

Press the black lock tab in and rotate the white handle back.  Remove the plug and swap the modules.  The rest of installation is the reverse of removal.  Below is a video showing how easy it is.  Make sure the lock clicks when you reinstall it.

If you wish to keep the "microphone" button as stereo mute, you're done!  Press the overhead console bluetooth button to activate voice control.  Say "help" to have it run through the menus.

Activating voice control PPT button on your VW Golf, Jetta, or JSW GSW steering wheel

If you wish to change the "microphone" button to voice control, change the steering wheel software code to one that enables PTT (push to talk) installed.  These are given below. Changing the code without the 9w7 bluetooth module will cause the 9w2 bluetooth module to not respond.  If you did this, just change the software code back.

Plug a VCDS cable into the obd2 port and start the software.  Click on "Select" to access the control modules.

Click on "Steering wheel".

Click on "Coding - 07" and enter your new code.  The old code is seen under "Soft. Coding" (screenshot by 71sbeetle)
bluetooth setup menu vw

A helper pop up bubble will appear that shows you which digit (?) will change what option.  The 3rd digit is what controls the paddle shifters (see 1000q: MFSW for more details on steering wheel swaps) and the push to talk button.  Here are some examples for a 2010 (or with steering wheel software version # higher than 0110 (in the above screenshot it's 0111)) that will enable the PTT button.  What matters is if you have a sedan or wagon/hatchback (rear wiper) and auto vs. manual.
0001831 (automatic trans, no rear wiper)
0000731 (manual trans, no rear wiper)
0001832 (automatic trans, rear wiper)
0000732 (manual trans, rear wiper)

For full screenshots of the various menus, see 1000q: 9w7 bluetooth writeup #1.  Below are some of the features (pics by 71sbeetle).

If you have the optional RNS 510 GPS you can dial from touchscreen as the phone book or keypad.  It's not know if the RNS 315 GPS (optional GPS for 2011 and newer TDI) has this capability.

rns 510 bluetooth menu

RNS510 GPS keypad
touchscreen golf bluetooth rns 510

Bluetooth phonebook downloaded on RNS510 touchscreen
VW Golf tdi bluetooth phone book

If you have more questions about how to swap your bluetooth modules, activate voice control, or use the steering wheel buttons, please ask in the myturbodiesel forums or search below: