How to remove and paint the JSW Jetta Sportwagen TDI grille or emblem plastidip black or white

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This article shows grille removal and how to paint the Sportwagen (Golf wagon) TDI grille black or emblem white. Golf and Jetta similar.

The black grille and emblem pictures and procedure are by sway162, thanks for your contribution! For support on this topic, please post in this relevant JSW TDI forum thread. The white emblem pictures and procedure are by The67beast, see this Jetta TDI forum thread for support on that topic. Some pictures also by Savageman69 with his permission, thank you! Most pictures are thumbnails, click to enlarge.


Plasti Dipped flat black (most durable paint I have ever seen and used)
Dupli color wheel paint clear
Painter blue masking tape
Duplicolor prep wipes
3M double sided tape
Blow dryer or heat gun
Flat head or Razor blade
Goo goo gone

Procedure for painting the VW front grill or emblem badge plasti dip black

Grill removed, washed with soap and water,dried and wiped down with duplicolor prep wipes. There is no need for sanding! That's the great thing about using Plasti dipped. This stuff bonds well on everything. Just make sure the emblems are clean and free of any dust, lint, hair, ect. Another great thing about plasti dipped is that the paint can peel off easily if you want to go back to chrome.
paint jsw grillepaint jsw grill

Masked off everything with blue painters tape. It's important to mask off everything that you don't want painted and to take your time. Crappy masking leads to ugly results.
paint golf tdi grille

I did three coats of plasti dipped....followed instructions per can on wait times in between coats, which is 30 min. The more coats you add the easier to remove. Thinner and less coats is harder to peel off if you ever want to go back to chrome.

For the rear emblems, be sure to heat them up with either a heat gun or blow dryer for easier work on removing them. They are stuck on with double sided tape. I used fishing line. For the center VW emblem....that is also mounted by 3M double sided tape. After I removed that emblem....the base plate and emblem is held in my clips and 3m. Carefully take a razor blade or flat head....slowly pop off the clips. (These are shown below). Now when you mount the emblem back on the base plate, make sure to add new 3m double sided tape and clip it back on.
paint vw golf badgepaint golf tdi emblemvw emblem clip

After the plasti dipped, I wanted to give the emblems some shine. I added a couple coats of duplicolor clear to the front and rear emblems. I left the horizontal bars on the grill flat black for a nice contrast. Oh, also left the "I" in the TDI as blue. Overall I am very pleased with it....there are a couple flaws but much better look on white than chrome imo. Here are the results.
jsw plastidipgolf plastidipjsw emblemjsw black emblem

Here is Savageman69's Jetta with some red accents. To remove this Jetta emblem, push it in and turn left and it should come out.
jetta plastidip grillejetta plastidip emblem

Painting the VW emblem badge white

You cna also paint the area underneath the badge body color. Here is how it looks on two different cars, Savageman69 with a black painted emblem, The67beast stock emblem.

black vw emblemblack vw emblem




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