How to disable DRL on your VW Golf (mk6), set the foglights as DRL, or adjust DRL brightness

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This article shows how to disable the DRL daytime running lights on your mk6 2010 VW Golf.  

One option is to install a euroswitch.  The euroswitch lets you shut all lights off and also have only parking lights (with or without foglights) on.  If you have halogen headlights you can manually disable them or use VCDS to disable them by changing the control module's coding.  If you have HID xenons, you must use VCDS to disable them.

Disclaimer: disabling DRL may not be legal where you live.  If it's not, do not turn them off.  By willfully turning them off, you acknowledge that any risks to you or any third party from disabling the DRL are your full responsibility.  See the TOS Agreement for the full legal disclaimer.

Euroswitch explanation

When the parking lights or headlights are on, you can turn the front foglights on or the front and rear foglights on (rear fogs not equipped in North America).  Below is a video and pictures showing the various positions.

Off position: no lights at all

Below left is the parking position: small parking lights, side markers, and taillights are on.  Below right is with the foglights on.  You pull the switch towards you to turn the foglights on.

For details on how to install the Euroswitch, see 1000q: euro switch installation  - a VW Golf with xenons is pictured but one with halogens will also work.


VCDS (new name for vag com vagcom)

Manual Procedure to disable DRL 

This is for halogen only, xenons require the procedure below.

With the headlight switch and key off, hold the turn signal stalk to the left (down) while pulling it back to turn the high beams on.  Turn the key on and wait for 6 confirmation chimes. 

To reactivate them, hold the turn signal to the right (up) while pulling on it to turn the high beams on.  Turn the key on and wait for 6 confirmation chimes.

Procedure using VCDS to disable DRL

Plug the VCDS cable into the OBD2 port and start the software.  CAUTION: The part numbers and codes are different for different car models and configurations.  Do not copy the code numbers shown here.  They are examples only.  Click the checkboxes that appear on your computer and it'll enter the correct code for your car.  Copy your original code before changing anything.

Click on " 09-central electrics" (This is the CECM).

Note - if it won't connect, unlock all the doors and try again.  This happened to me and it was very frustrating.

Then click on "coding" and then "long coding helper".

Disabling DRL

Once in the helper you need to change the box for DRL active in byte 11 or 15 depending on if you have xenon HID or halogens  It will automatically change the code.  An example is below.

If you have xenon headlights, it looks like this: change it so the box is unchecked.  If you want to use foglights as DRL, see below.

If you have halogen headlights, byte 11 looks like this:  Do not change the box.  Instead, go to byte 15.

This is byte 15.  I believe bit 7 "DRL via separate Lights active" should be unchecked to disable DRL.  If you want to use foglights as DRL, see below.

Save and exit the module.  If it worked, confirm that the DRL are off and that green "DRL" symbol on your dash is off.

Using the foglights as DRL

For xenon cars, go to byte 11.  If you want both xenon headlights AND foglights as DRL, leave it checked.  If you want only fogs as DRL, uncheck it off. 

Go to byte 14.  Manually modify bit 1 from 0 to 1.  Save and exit.

For halogen cars, go to byte 15.  Uncheck "DRL via separate Lights active".

Go to byte 14.  Manually modify bit 1 from 0 to 1.  Save and exit.  This may result in the parking lights also being on.  If this is not what you want, go back and change the coding back.

Dimming the DRL lights

I don't know why this was set to 100% but this was the stock value.  Lowering it should dim the DRL lights.  Do not do this if you have xenon HID lights since I believe it's not good for the ballasts.

If you have more questions about how to disable DRL on your 2010 or 2011 VW Jetta TDI or Golf, please post a follow up to this post in the forums  or search the site below: