How to disable the door open chime on 2010 and newer mk5 and mk6 VW Jetta, Golf, Sportwagen, GTI, GLI

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This page shows how to disable the door open chime (and other options) on mkvi VW model years 2010, 2011, and newer.

You can use VCDS to disable the door open chime by changing the software code from America to Great Britain.  Don't do this modification if it's illegal where you live or operate the car.  It can be changed back at any time by changing the software code back to America and you should do so before reselling the car.

This also changes the multifunction display/indicator MFDMFI from US gallons to UK gallons (UK gallons are bigger.  This is one reason why European mpg ratings are so much higher), Fahrenheit to Celsius, and the 2 hour clock to a 24 hour clock (military time).  If you have a highline display you can change all of these back to their original settings.  See 1000q: MFD settings for more details.

The reason the mk5 2010 models are included here is because VW had an across the board change in the electronics for 2010.  See 1000q: door chime disable for 2005-2009 models if you have an earlier car.  There are a few other options on those cars.

This can also change seat belt warning, brakepad warning, washer fluid warning, or disable the MFD/MFI screen.


1 ross tech VCDS cable

Procedure to shut off the door chime on VW Jetta TDI or Golf TDI and 2010, 2011

Plug your VCDS into the obd2 port and start the software.  Make sure the green LED on the cable is lit.  Click on "Select" to go to the modules.

Click on "Instruments".

Click on "Coding".  

Note - do not copy the codes shown here, they are for the example cars only!  When you click the check boxes on your software, it will automatically change the code for your car's equipment and settings.  When you exit the long coding helper, it will copy/paste the new code.

Click on Long Coding Helper and it will open the bottom screen.  Open the dropbox menu to change the cluster code from US to GB or UK.  From this byte you could also adjust a fast speedometer.  Since it's a different topic with different background information, see 1000q: fast speedometer adjustment for details.

From the next screen to the right, the next byte, you could disable the seat belt warning, brakepad warning, washer fluid warning, or disable the MFD/MFI but I wouldn't.  

Once you exit the long coding helper, it'll copy/paste the new code in place.  Click "Do It!" to save and close/exit the module.  That's it!  When you open the driver's side door, it will still show a left door open on the MFD display even though UK cars are right hand drive.  Change the gallons or other settings back to US settings when done.

While you're in here, some other options adjustable through the instrument cluster are speedometer, mpg reading, or fuel tank level gauge.  Click the links for the articles and background information on those.

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