How to retrofit the OEM backup camera for mk6 VW Golf hatch badge (also applies to mk5 rabbits)

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If equipped with this option, the backup camera is under the hatch badge/release lever/handle.  When you shift into reverse, the handle opens and the camera peeks out.  The display is on the in dash RNS 510, Euro MFD2 navigation, or other display.  This writeup is an archive of and edits/ updates it for North American cars (sorry to the original author for the mirror but you didn't have any contact info and your page is down and lost, I archived it to save it).  Also refer to,10027.0.html for someone else's experience on a right hand drive UK car.

The Golf VI camera comes with an internal interface and there is no need for an external controller.  This unit has guide lines but they don't move with the steering wheel.  This requires a highline controller.  For the display, you must have either the RNS510 GPS or European RCD510 touchscreen radio.  It will NOT work on the North American RCD510 because the head unit is different (different manufacturer, different specs).  If you are using an RNS 510, you should have firmware 1100 or above or else you may not be able to code the RNS510.  Golf VI fitting differences are detailed at the bottom.

The new badge is direct bolt into a mk6 but if you want to install the mk6 backup camera into a mk5 aka mkv, the hatch holes are slightly different and you must grind it down a very small triangle of sheetmetal to fit the camera.  The area of modification is not visible since it's inside the trunk.  This writeup and mygti show the areas which need modification.

The demo car here is a mk5 so if you have a mk6 Golf, read the entire writeup and then see the mk6 specific notes at the bottom.

Below are some demo videos showing the backup camera function in a mk5 and mk6 Golf.



5K0827469R New rear badge with internal camera
5M1970161AC Coaxial cable from the badge to the RNS510 video connector
3B0972722 4 pin connector for camera
4B0973712 4 pin controller for badge
1J0973802 2 pin connector to interface with the old badge wiring
1J0972923 2 pin connector (reverse signal)
1J0972712 2 pin connector (reverse signal)
000979131 Repair wire (quantity 4)
000979132 Repair wire (quantity 1)
000979133 Repair wire (quantity 2)
5K6827861 or 3c8927861a drain tube - this will direct any water that comes in through the badge away from the lock assembly directly below the badge
000979133  permanent fuse (5A ATM Type Mini Fuse)
assorted heat shrink wrap and electrical tape


This install was done in a right hand drive car so everything runs along the righthand side as the fuse panel is on this side.  Left hand drive cars can use the left side of the car.  There may be small differences in coding or installation for North American cars.

A guide for creating your own wiring harness adapter for the Golf's backup camera is shown below.  For other models you will have to check your service manual to double check the pins.
vw backup camera harness


vw jetta backup camera wiring

The cable 5M1970161AC comes with a red/white wire which is used to supply 12V from the fuse panel to the badge. This requires a permanent 12V supply with a 5A fuse, don't attempt to use an ignition fed 12v supply otherwise unpredictable results will occur.

A new pair of looms are required using the parts listed at the top of this page, these are not available from VW and has to be built following the diagram shown above. One loom is used to tap into the reverse signal from the reversing light , the other loom connects the new badge with the camera and connects to the original boot opening loom. This replicates the loom fitted to the rear lid in the Golf mk6.

The two looms shown are shown below, built as two separate looms and then joined together matching up the two reverse wires.
golf jetta backup camera wire harness

A VCDS from Ross tech is required to enable the rear view camera.  Start the software, select the control modules for radio navigation module 37, and enter long coding.

Check the box for byte 3, bit 6.  When you exit the long coding, click Save to save the new coding and then exit the module.  Then reset the RNS510 to enable the change.
vw bakcup camera coding

Shown below is 5M1970161AC (showing the included red/white supply wire) and a close up of the connector.  The coaxial cable 5M1970161AC is connected to the back of the RNS 510 and with the supplied red/white cable is then ran to the rear of the car. The front end of the red/white cable needs to connect to a suitable constant supply fuse.  Run the cables under the door sill to the rear.  These cables then run up the C pillar to the rubber tube and into the rear lid. 

To get the coax cable through the trim and rubber pipe itís necessary to remove the outer blue housing.  The purple clip just pops off and the blue housing is held on by a clip.  The coax connector only fits the housing one way round.
vw backup camera wire

Remove the 3x screws holding the panel where the rear boot cover.  Lower the rear seat back rest and remove the small panel and then remove the two torx screws.  It's best to have a magnetic torx driver to remove them otherwise one may fall to the bottom of the car.
golf trim removalgolf trim removal

The other screw is found at the rear.
golf rear trim removal

The whole panel can then be pulled out.  Take care as the wiring is short.  It's held in place by three white studs.  Refit the studs back to the panel removed before putting the panel back.
vw golf backup camera installation

If itís a 3 door car, you can use some stiff wire from the lower C pillar trim to use as a guide wire to behind the drivers door to get the cables up through the rear panel to the point shown in the diagram below.  The caption reads: push the stiff wire in this direction from the lower c pillar and connect to the two cables to pull them to the rear of the car.
golf backup camera retrofit

To remove the C pillar covering, remove the air bag tag and remove the torx screw located behind and then remove the trim.  I found it wasnít necessary to remove the trim panel as there is enough room to get the cable run up behind if you carefully pull the C pillar trim away from the bodywork by the rear opening

The rear lid trim panel needs to be removed, remove the two screws hidden in the handles, and them using a trim tool pull off the panel, it's held on with several metal clips is requires a hard pull to remove.  Remove the two panels for the rear lights to help see where the metal clips are and to help pull off the panel.

The red circles show the metal clips, and the green ones show the two screws.

Run the coax and the red/white cable through the rubber pipe connecting the rear lid with the body work.  It will just about fit, compress the rubber tube length to make it easier.  The supplied red/white cable is not long enough to reach the rear boot lid and has to be joined after it exits the rubber tube, the join can be hidden behind the plastic trim that runs up the side of the window.
vw gti backup camera installation

The plastic trim around the edge of the glass can be pulled off down the side to run the cables alongside the current loom. Its held in place by metal lugs, you donít need to remove the whole trim just the side piece. Take care not to damage the connections to the wires built into the glass.

Remove the rear wiper arm from the exterior.  Pop off the cover of the wiper and remove the 13mm bolt.  Remove the wiper arm, it may be stuck and require some force.

Remove 3 10mm nuts/washers holding motor to hatch (donít worry about it falling out, itís held in pretty good)   (If your wiper arm was stuck earlier try to pull it off again.)  Grab onto motor with 2 hands and start to pull it down and wiggle it off the car. Have a little patience doing this part. The motor should come off.

The old badge can then be removed by removing the three screws.
vw golf badge

Again, if you have a mk5 you must grind off this small area for fitment.  This is marked with the red line.  Ensure that eye protection is worn while carrying out this task.  Paint all exposed bare metalwork.  You should end up with a area removed as shown below (Photo courtesy of GTI_SS over at

Install the new badge.
vw jsw backup camera installation

One of the legs of the wiper motor needs to be removed so that it looks like this, the legs are only plastic so it's easy to cut.
vw sportwagen backup camera retrofit

Connect up the new loom to the badge and then connect up the coax cable, red/white wire, then remove the loom from the rear of the reversing light and plug the new loom in between the light assembly and the original boot loom. Then replace the wiper motor assembly.
vw jsw backup camera wiringgolf backup camera wiring

Close the rear door, turn on the RNS510, turn the ignition on and then select reverse gear. You should then see the rear view image on the screen. Selecting forward gear should return the display. If you do not move forward the badge will stay open for several seconds and then close.
vw jsw tdi backup cameravw golf backup camera

Check the rear wiper, then replace all the trim.

As I don't have the correct connector, I piggybacked my supply cable as shown below until I rewire the fusebox.  For a permanent Fusebox Connection you will require one repair wire 000979133 and fuse.

Drain Tube

The drain tube can be installed and directed to the lower right hand side of the boot (as looking from the rear of the car) to assist in any water collecting inside the new badge to drain away away from the lock assembly.

Differences in backup camera installation in Golf MKVI mk6 vs. MKV mk5

The following parts are not required:

1J0972923 2 pin connector to pickup reverse signal 
1J0972712 2 pin connector to pickup reverse signal 
000979133 Repair wire x1 
000979129 Repair wire x1

You need the following parts:

1J0972924 3 pin connector to pickup reverse signal
191972713 3 pin connector to pickup reverse signal

000979133 Repair wire x2
000979129 Repair wire x2

There is no need to cut the small triangle of sheetmetal to fit the new badge or trim the wiper motor plastic arm.

The wiring diagram for the mk6 Golf only:
vw backup camera wiring