9w7 VW Bluetooth module voice control retrofit, swap, install, and FAQ

This page shows how to install voice control and swap the 9w7 bluetooth module in a 2010 Volkswagen Golf TDI. This retrofit will also work in the 2010 VW Jetta TDI and sportwagen (Golf wagon TDI) and make the phone book display show up and voice control button work.

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The 2009 or 2010 cars came with 9w2 or 9w3 bluetooth.  For more on the features of the other modules, see 1000q: VW general bluetooth module FAQ.  The 9w7 module is the newer module for 2011 and newer TDI in North America and is a direct plug play on 2010 models.  It won't work on 2009 and earlier since they use the red multifunction display (MFD).  If you have the RNS 510 navigation system, it will also display the phone book or keypad on the touchscreen.

Note - all functions on this page will only work if you have the highline display and multifunction steering wheel (MFSW).  See 1000q: MFSW swap if you don't have a MFSW.  Lowline MFD is the half screen.  MFD+ is the highline full screen instrument cluster display.  Midline MFD is the full screen but without all functions enabled like the convenience menu or the compass.  All US Volkswagen TDI have highline displays.  Again, this module will only work on white screen MFD.  If your screen is red, only 9w2 and 9w3 will work on your car.

The big difference in 9w7 vs. 9w3 bluetooth module is the internal antenna, more options, and a2dp streaming music bluetooth (like playing music from your iphone or ipod touch).  You can use a2dp through the RCD 510 radio or activate voice control and say music - play.

If you swap from a mono bluetooth like 9w3 to stereo 9w7, the streaming bluetooth will only come out the right speakers.  If you want stereo streaming bluetooth you have to add 2 wires from the bluetooth to the stereo.

If you want to DIY harness, here are all the parts. You need 2 VW repair wires. Cut them in half, solder w/your own extension wire in the middle, and plug them into the existing connector. Connect pin 5 to pin 5 and pin 11 on the radio to pin 4 on the bluetooth. Here are detailed instructions:

12 pin connector (62 rows) green- 3B7 035 447 B (3B7035447B) radio end

Repair Wire 0.5mm 000 979 009 (000979009)

Behind the RADIO, unplug the GREEN (GREEN GREEN GREEN) harness from the RADIO and take the "shell" off of the harness (you will see what I am talking about once you unplug the harness). The harness is numbered on both the shell and on the actual harness itself. Plug the wires in as described below:
pin 5 telephone audio input signal left negative
pin 11 Telephone audio input signal left, positive

54 pin connector (183 rows) big blue plug - 4E0 972 144 (4E0972144) bluetooth module end

Repair Wire 0.5mm 000 979 010E (000979010E)

Behind the BLUETOOTH MODULE unplug the GIANT BLUE(this thing is massive) harness from the 9W7 and de-shell that badboy (again, you will see what I am talking about). Like before, this one is numbered on both the shell and the harness itself. Plug the wires in as described below:
pin 4 - Audio LF Signal out +
pin 5 - Audio LF Signal Out

Parts (click link to compare current pricing at vendor)
one 9w7 module: VW# 7p6 035 730 c (7p6035730c) from MFD3.com

The module will work right away but to make the push to talk (voice control) button on the steering wheel functional you must change the software code using a ross tech VCDS.  The dealer can also do it.

VCDS from ross tech (if you want to change the coding)

Procedure: 9w7 bluetooth module location and retrofit

Below is a detailed installation article from 71sbeetle.  There is also a summary from vwpartsman in 1000q: VW bluetooth module FAQ.  Shown is the foam box under the passenger seat and how the new module fits into the box after swapping.  It shows a retrofit of 9w7 bluetooth but the other modules are basically the same.  The only difference is that 9w3 bluetooth uses an external antenna and requires slight trimming of the styrofoam box.

Also see 1000q: 9w7 bluetooth module install #2 for a video showing installation.

Slide your front passenger seat all the way back, you will see the Styrofoam box where the blutooth module resides.
volkswagen bluetooth 9w7 module location

Un-Velcro the Styrofoam box and flip it over upside down.  It comes out very easily.
9w7 bluetooth module vw

You need to disconnect the plug that goes to the 9W2 module.  To unlock the plug, push the little black tab near the white latch and lift the white latch; the plug is now unlocked and can be removed.
bluetooth module plug

Remove the 9W2 module from the foam box, be careful not to break the Styrofoam, the module will come out. Here is a shot of both the 9W2 and 9W7 modules side by side by vwpartsman.  The modules are the same shape/size.
9w2 9w7 bluetooth part fit

Install the 9W7 module into the foam box.  Push the plug into the 9W7 module and lock it with the white latch shown earlier.  Flip the box back right side up and re-velcro it back into position, there are 2 little tabs on the tunnel/center part of the car that help position the box correctly.

Phone book MFD or MFI menu settings on VW Golf or Jetta

Close the door and turn the ignition on, when it is on, go to the new PHONE page on the MFI, you will see this:
pair vw bluetooth phone

Delete the current Bluetooth profile in your phone for your car, new module = new profile. Follow your phone's instructions for Bluetooth pairing, once the car is found (VW PHONE) enter the passkey 0000, and you will see this:
pair vw jetta phone bluetooth

Next, the page will go to the Create user profile page, select OK, your phone will be displayed, you can choose to keep that name or rename the profile (that is what will be displayed on the MFI and the RNS510 when on the phone page) I changed mine to my first name
vw bluetooth lg

Once that's done, select OK, you will see this in the MFI and on the RNS510 on the Phone page

Here are a few demos of how the 9w7 bluetooth module works with the RNS510 radio.

With the RNS 510 GPS you can dial from touchscreen as the phone book or keypad.  If your car has a MFSW, you can use the MFD menu to enter a new number.  It's not know if the RNS 315 GPS has this capability.
rns 510 bluetooth menu

RNS510 GPS keypad
touchscreen golf bluetooth rns 510

RNS 510 bluetooth phonebook downloading
download bluetooth phone book jetta

phone book vw bluetooth golf

Bluetooth phonebook downloaded on RNS510 touchscreen
VW Golf tdi bluetooth phone book

Press on the center "Phone" button on the left steering wheel button pad, you will access the Phone menu.
menu phone book jetta

If you scroll down to settings, you will see the settings.  One of them is the ring tone, I changed mine to TUTTUT
golf tdi bluetooth menu settings vw jetta bluetooth settings vw bluetooth ring tone

Here are some various MFI (MFD) shots showing the phone book.

If you need to make the car's Bluetooth visible, press the overhead button with the Bluetooth logo (front left on my car) it will make the car visible for 3 mins
overhead bluetooth module console

Activating the voice control button on your VW steering wheel with VCDS

The module will work as is but the voice control button on the steering wheel won't.  To activate it, you must use a VCDS (new name for the ross tech vag com) to change the steering wheel code.  Plug in the VCDS cable and start the software.  Go to the "16-Steering Wheel" module.

Click on "Coding - 07" and change the coding according to the pop up bubble (shown below).  Click Do it! To save.  The soft coding number is also shown in the screen below as "soft coding:".  On my car (2010 VW Golf TDI) I had to change the 3rd digit from the right from a 5 to a 7.
bluetooth setup menu vw

Remember, I (71sbeetle) or myturbodiesel.com are not responsible for anything that happens while you do this, so do it at your own risk !

For all 2010 (or with steering wheel software version # higher than 0110 (in the above screenshot it's 0111)), here are some codes that will activate the push to talk voice control button on the steering wheel:
0001831 (automatic trans, no rear wiper)
0000731 (manual trans, no rear wiper)
0001832 (automatic trans, rear wiper)
0000732 (manual trans, rear wiper)

Note: you can only change the code after installing the new module.  I tried changing the code for someone who was going to add a 9w7 later and it caused the 9w2 bluetooth to not connect.

One person asked if they could turn off the bluetooth streaming audio. Yes but it has to be done through VCDS (thanks to bschurman for the tip and screenshots!) Now I no longer have the problem with the BT Audio taking over if I leave the phone plugged into the MDI when I shut off the car. I also no longer need to wait for the BT to pair before I plug the MDI in in the morning.

Enter the telephone module.

Enter the coding.

Go to long coding and byte 4. Check the box, save, and exit. The bluetooth audio is now off.


If you have more questions about Bluetooth functionality, please ask in the myturbodiesel forums linked at the top or search below: