How to reset the "Service Now" or "wrench" symbol on Volkswagen Jetta (2005.5 and newer mk5 and mk6 Golf)

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You can use a VCDS to reset the service reminder on your car or use this procedure.  It works if you have the "wrench" symbol or if you have the "service now" text.  The advantage of using a VCDS is that it can extend the service reminder interval.

Around 2009 or 2010, your Golf or Jetta should have this option in the MFD or MFI (multifunction indicator display) to check the service indicator and reset it.


To reset service light on VW Jetta TDI

With the car off, press and hold the "0.0" trip reset button at the bottom right of the instrument cluster.

Insert the key and turn it to "ON" but don't start the engine.

Let go of the "0.0" trip reset button.

It should still say "Service Now".  Press the button for adjusting the clock minute, "M" on the bottom left side of the instrument panel.  If that doesn't work, hold the trip reset button while pressing the clock minute button. Here's a video showing more

To extend service reminder interval (must have vag-com, now called VCDS)

To do this you must have a ross tech VCDS tool (used to be called vag com)

The easy way using VCDS: plug the cable in and start the software.  On the first screen, it has a SRI interval shortcut (service reminder interval) reset button.  Just press it and it resets all the service indicators.

The longer way using VCDS is through adaptation.  Click on "Instruments."

You will see a screen like below.  Click on "Adaptation".

Enter channel 2 and put in a new value of "0". 

Test and SAVE.  Go to the other channels to reset any other service indicators.