How to open and close the windows using the remote key fob's comfort function on Volkswagen 2005.5-2009

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This article shows how to modify the central convenience module in your 2005.5/2006-2009 Jetta, Rabbit, or GTI and GLI or Audi A3 to make the windows open or close by holding open or close on the remote.

The default state is that you can open and close the windows and sunroof if you hold the key in the door lock slot to open or close.  VW/Audi combined this module with the central electric module for 2010 so if you have a 2010 or newer, see 1000q: remote windows for 2010 and newer.

Even though there's a checkbox to open the sunroof using the remote, it's not possible in 2005.5-2009 sedans.  The open sunroof function does work on 2009 sportwagens. Below are some demos.  You can close the sunroof with the remote but you can't open it in the sedan.

While browsing the menu there's also a checkbox for lowering the right side view mirror when you put the car in reverse (for easy curb viewing).  This won't work unless you have a highline door control module.  It was on many 2005.5 VW Jetta TDI but was decontented on later cars in North America.  It was an option in Europe.

Once nice functionality is that if you only crack open the windows a little bit (by holding unlock), the doors will relock after 30 sec. if the driver's side door is not opened.  This feature is to prevent accidental unlocking of the car.  This way, you don't have to press lock again to secure the car after cracking open the windows a little.  Obviously, if the windows are wide open there isn't much point in locking the car.  Depending on the 30 sec auto lock also assumes the microswitch in the door handle that lets the car's computer know the handle was pulled, is working properly.  Many more tips in the buying guide for 2005-2006 Jetta TDI, 1000q: 2009-2010 Jetta sedan TDI, and 1000q: 2009-2011 Sportwagen TDI buying guide.

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1 ross tech VCDS cable and a computer


Plug the VCDS into the OBD2 port and start the software/turn the car key to "on".  Below are some screenshots.

Click on "Central Conv."

Click on "Coding".

Click on "Long Coding Helper".  Write down your original coding somewhere in case you mess it up or want to return to the default settings.

#1 (yellow numbers at top) are the code.  Every code is different depending on what module you have and how it's set up.  Do not copy the exact codes shown here since it'll only work if you have the same exact module part number, car equipment, and settings.  Use the code that comes up on your car when you check/uncheck the option boxes.

Use the arrow buttons on your keyboard to go to the screen that shows comfort function.  In my case it was #6, byte 6.  Uncheck the checkbox "Comfort Function inactive".  The other ones should be unchecked depending on what you want.

The next byte/screen #7, should have most checked.  The ones you want to enable remote control comfort function are: comfort opening via remote active and comfort closing via remote active.  These are indicated below.  The rest should already be checked or change them depending on what you want.

The next screen deals with the sunroof.  The default state is comfort opening and closing via door lock active (arrows below).  Even though I checked comfort opening via remote and closing via remote, it doesn't work on my 2006.  Comfort opening type for the sunroof can be open or tilt (lift).

The sunroof function has been confirmed to work on 2009 Jetta TDI sportwagens.  You may want to disable the sunroof operation in the winter since it may dump snow in the car.  (Thanks Peter D for the tip)!  You could not hold the remote buttons open to avoid this but it's possible it would activate if you accidentally press it too long.

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