How to remove or install the Jetta TDI cup edition front bumper and grille on 2005-2010 VW Jetta aka. thunderbunny kit

difficulty: 1/5
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This article shows bumper installation and removal on a Jetta TDI cup edition.  This bumper is also called the thunderbunny front bumper kit.

The 2010 VW Jetta TDI cup edition has an optional "thunderbunny" body kit that includes a front bumper, rear bumper, side skirts, and side decals.  A rear spoiler was optional.

The bumper can be used on all mk5 body Jetta and Golf.  For the regular Jetta bumper removal or installation, see 1000q: jetta front bumper.  It's different.


T30, T25 torx screwdriver/bit
phillips screwdriver


How to remove the thunderbunny grille

Open the hood and remove the two T-25 torx screws at the corners.  There are also some clips that you have to pull back to release the blackout grille.
tdi cup edition front grille blackout

The front grille is different from the regular Jetta grille because it's smaller and is held differently.
thunderbunny gront grille

How to remove the Jetta TDI cup edition front bumper

Remove the eight T25 torx screws along the bottom lip of the bumper.  I had to splice together two pictures but the passenger side corner is still out of frame.  One of the differences of the Jetta cup edition front bumper is the lower lip spoiler under the car (the vertical plastic thing).
jetta front splash shield torx screws

There are spacers on the screws under the bumper.

Remove the 4x torx screws on each side that attach the wheel well liner to the front bumper.  The vertical screw is a flat tipped T-25 torx with a captive washer, the others are pointy tipped.  The bumper is off for better illustration.

Remove the 2x T30 torx screws holding the bumper to the bumper support.  There's nothing holding the supports highlighted in yellow but they are pushed in.  Gently wiggle them forwards and they should be loose.
tdi cup edition front bumper

Pull the bumper just enough to stick your arm and gently pull the side marker plug out.  The light bulb should come out with it.  Then the bumper can be slid forward.
tdi cup edition side marker light bulb

Here is the front bumper after removal.
vw jetta tdi cup edition front bumper

In case you're curious, the front mount intercooler is behind the AC condenser and in front of the radiator.
vw jetta tdi cup edition body kit

Thunderbunny and Jetta TDI cup edition bumper installation

Installation is the reverse of removal.  Make sure that you slide the bumper onto the alignment brackets on the sides, highlighted below.
jetta tdi cup edition bumper

Thunderbunny and Jetta TDI cup edition front side grille removal

It's not held on by any clips.  There are 4 screws at each corner.
jetta tdi cup edition front grille

thunderbunny front grille removal

If you have any questions related to the bumper removal, please post in the VW TDI forums linked at the top to see if anyone else had this problem.