How to install the OEM iPod dock in a 2006 mk5 Jetta TDI

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This article shows how to DIY install the OEM iPod adapter interface VW# 1k0 857 825 e (1k0857825e), will work on any 2005.5-2009 mk5 VW including Jetta, Golf-Rabbit, Eos, Passat, or other.

This article shows installation of the OEM iPod dock on a 2006 VW Jetta TDI.  It's the same for other models and years and was an option 2007, 2008, and 2009.

There are two possibilities for the installation depending on whether  you have the OEM external 6 CD changer or not.  VW Jetta, Golf, GTI, or EOS with the MFD2 OEM VW GPS system had the CD changer under the center armrest.  VW Passat with the MFD2 GPS system had the CD changer in the passenger side glove box.  In these cases, installation is a 3 minute job because the wiring is plug-play.  Installation replaces the external CD changer.

If you wish to replace or remove the entire center console, see 1000q: center console removal.

If you didn't have the MFD2 system you had the base radio or premium 7 radio with the internal CD changer, shown below.  In that case you have to add wiring to the center console and change the center console to use this iPod dock.  The reason why is because the shape of the opening is different vs. the opening on non-media bay armrests.  If you have the base radio, buy a used premium 7.
premium 7 ipod adapter

The iPod dock was optional on new cars 2007-2009 and came with the media bay console w/wiring.  The dock was first introduced in Europe as parts during 2006.  Here is how it looks installed.  When this was installed on premium 7 radios, it removed the Aux-in jack because they take up the same spot.  I am told an iphone 3gs will not fit in the slot although iPod classic and nano will.

OEM iPod cable functions

Since the dock emulates and replaces the CD changer it functions like a CD changer.  The first five playlists are shown as CD 1-5 and CD 6 is play the rest.  You can fast forward, reverse, or change tracks within playlists.  The "station change" knob changes the track.

It cannot display track, artist, or other text information to the radio headunit.

The iPod is locked when it's in use.  The iPod will still display the album, artist, and track when playing.  Normally the iPod is sitting in the dock so you can barely see it - the picture right was taken on a disassembled dock.

The adapter with part number 1k0857825e shown right will charge only 12V iPods.  If you have a newer 5V iPod, it will display the message shown right about charging.  If you wish to charge a newer 5V iPod on it you have to use a voltage step down adapter.  The OEM VW adpater is 000 051 443 c (000051443c) but you can use any aftermarket part as well.  The 4th gen Nano, 2g Touch, and 3g iPhone, or newer all use 5V.  Classic iPod still use 12V.

There is a newer version 1k0 857 935 e (1k0857935e) software version 20, hardware version 8 charges 5V iPods.  They look identical but have a newer version number (part number suffix).

Another OEM VW CD changer emulator ipod cable says that Volk-L Bluetooth 1k0 051 447(1k0051447) or 1k0051447a  (1k0 051 447 a) isn't compatible with them.  Because this dock basically does the same thing, my best guess is that it also applies to this dock.  See 1000q: VW Bluetooth FAQ for more info on OEM VW bluetooth.

This dock cannot be used on radios that would other wise use the MDI.  This includes the RCD 310, RCD 510, RNS 310, RNS 315, or RNS 510.  These can display text information to the radio and instrument cluster multifunction display.  For more OEM iPod interfaces, see 1000q: VW iPod adapter FAQ.

I took it apart to see what's inside, shown below.

Installation of OEM iPod dock VW# 1k0 857 825 e (1k0857825e)

First remove the external CD changer.  Note - if you have a Passat, everything is the same except your CD changer is in the glovebox compartment.  Pull the tab down to expose it.

You need radio removal tools.  The ones that fit mk4 radios will work.  You can buy cheap ones on ebay.  Insert them, flat side "down" and they will release the tab that holds the radio in place.  The cut out slot is supposed to catch the tab slightly and help you pull it out.

Normally you just pull the tools and it pulls the radio out with it.  They work best if the radio or CD changer is horizontal because you're not working against gravity.  If it's vertical like in a Golf, GTI, or Jetta, you have to remove the rear trim panel on the center console.

Remove the 2x T20 torx screws shown below and pull the trim off.  Then push the cd changer up from inside while the tools are inserted. You'll be able to see the bottom through the hole.

Here is more detail on the tab and how far you're supposed to insert the radio removal keys.  Make sure they are inserted straight.  You can feel the tab and some smooth even resistance as you insert the key.  Don't press it in too far or tilt the key.

Unplug the cd changer and plug in the iPod dock.

That's it!  Pressing CD to use the CD changer will now play the iPod.  As noted before, it only shows playlists as CD because it's just a CD emulator.  The headunit will not show text info.

Do you have more questions on iPod cable installation on your VW?  Feel free to ask in the forums linked below and at the top.