How to remove the door card (interior panel) on 2005.5-2010 VW Jetta or Golf (and probably newer)

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This shows the removal procedure for the interior door panel (door card) on VW Jetta, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010, and sportwagen.  The VW Golf was revised in 2010 but removal should be similar.

The most common reason to remove the interior door panel is to replace the stereo speakers or reupholster the door cards.  You also have to remove the door panel to replace a cracked wiring harness in the door hinge area.  It can break from use.  It's also needed to repair a broken window regulator.  The mk5 Jetta and sportwagens (JSW or Golf wagon GSW) door panels are the same.  The VW Golf was revised for the 2010 mk6 body style and is slightly different.


T20, T30 torx bits

Procedure for removing the interior door panel on VW Jetta or Golf

Pry the handle up and remove the two plugs (yellow arrows).  One of them has a lock that you have to slide to release.  Remove the two T30 torx bolts (white arrows).

Open the door and remove the 3x torx screws underneath the door.  They are either T20 or T25.

Also remove the 1x torx screw here.  Use a plastic pry or a screwdriver wrapped in thick tape to pop the plastic clips along the sides of the door panel.  These are shown below.  Once they're popped, lift the door up and towards you.  The top of the door is hooked into the window.  Note how it sits in relation to the window seal.

Once the door panel is off, unclip the door handle cable and slide it off.  Then unhook the end from the door handle.

Here's a closeup.  To unclip the cable, you have to first unhook the black plastic end and then slide it out.  When the cable is locked in place, the yellow arrows shown will be laying on top of each other.  Then lift the metal hook on the door handle.

Unplug the speaker.  This is shown in the next few pictures. 

Press the tab to lift the purple lock and to remove the plug for the door control module (yellow box below).

The speaker plug location is below (yellow box)  Here you can also see the locations of the plastic clips and one of the clips.  If there are any clips left in the metal door, use a coat hanger, wire, or pliers to pull them out.  During installation they should be in the plastic door.

Here you can see some of the clips still in the door and the clip location (arrows).  The white box is the speaker plug.

The white paper tag at the speaker's 1 o'clock position is the wire harness part number.  This can be useful if your wire harness ever cracks at the door hinge.  See 1000q: door wire harness repair for more details and symptoms.

During installation, connect the inner plugs and door handle wire first.  Then hook the top of the door card into the window seal.  The tweeter trim is a good indicator of if the top of the door card is aligned.  After the panel is in place, hit the door panel over the clips to pop them back into place.  The rest of installation is the reverse of removal.

Here's a video showing the procedure if anything was not clear.  Note - the video shows the inner door torx bolts as T27 - they are T30.


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