Climatronic menu on Jetta, GTI, GLI, or other mk5 VW with dual zone climatronic

difficulty: 1/5
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This article shows how to access and use the secret menu in the climate control climatronic dial on your VW.

You must have the dual zone auto climate control menu pictured below.  This will not work if you have manual climate control.

Some may have a Dual zone button below the Off button, some don't.  If you don't have the dual zone button, just press and hold the Auto button for 3 seconds.  This will make the drivers temp knob control both sides until the passenger temp knob is turned.


Turn on the car.  Press the econ and upper right button highlighted below at the same time.

On a side note, the shiny black dot below OFF is the interior temperature sensor.  Climatronic adds a sunlight sensor vs. the manual climate control "climatic".

Turn the left driver's temperature knob to adjust the left screen large numbers.  In this example it's adjusted to 19.

Turn the center fan speed knob to adjust the left screen small number.  In this example it's at 0.  

The right screen will show the output.  When you are done, press the auto and econ buttons at the same time to exit.

Turn the left screen number to the below settings to see:

19.0 = speed in kilometers per hour (unadjusted by speedometer correction factor, useful for reading a fast speedometer)
19.1 = speed in miles per hour (unadjusted by speedometer correction factor, useful for reading a fast speedometer)
19.3 = engine RPM

The below numbers aren't confirmed but here are some guesses:
01.0 = cabin temperature as read by sensor in the middle fan speed knob
01.4 = light intensity falling on a sun sensor
04.0 = outside temperature read at the front bumper (should show on instrument cluster multifunction MFD display)
04.1 = unknown temperature
04.2 = unknown temperature
15.0 = oil temperature
19.2 = coolant temperature (C)
19.4 = oil pressure (metric units)
22.0 = unknown minutes
22.1 = engine running time since start (in seconds. up to a maximum of  255)
22.2 = ignition on time since key was last turned (in seconds. up to a maximum of  255)
22.5 = unknown temperature

Do you know what some of these climatronic codes are?  Please share in the forums.