Girling g60 big brake conversion for the mk3 VW Jetta and VW Passat TDI

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Difficulty: 3/5

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Disclaimer: Before you attempt a big brake conversion or any brake work on your car, refer to the factory service manual and follow all precautions.  Any and all information presented on this website is not a substitute for a certified professional mechanic.  See the TOS Agreement for the full legal disclaimer.


This is the largest "plug and play" brake upgrade for the mk3 a3/b4 jetta/passat.

I ranked it 3/5 instead of 2/5 because you must change a few more components than the smaller brake upgrades.  Please read 1000 answered questions: brake FAQ and busting big brake kit myths before you upgrade the brake system.  If you swap to this caliper you should also change the brake master cylinder to compensate for the larger brake caliper's fluid volume.  Without the correct master cylinder, the larger brake caliper will result in longer brake pedal travel.  If you experience a brake problem, it can also result in a no-brakes situation.  If one circuit fails in a tandem brake cylinder, brake pedal travel increases before pressure can build up in the good circuit.  Replacing the brake master cylinder with the Audi coupe quattro non-abs brake master cylinder keeps brake pedal travel the same.  If you have an old master cylinder, the seals are worn into a certain pattern.  Significantly longer pedal travel will send the seals farther into the piston and it could wear it out faster and in some cases, cause a leak.

This brake upgrade uses a larger rotor than stock and a 2 piston caliper for even greater stopping power than the rotor only upgrade shown in 1000q: corrado G60 brake conversion.  It does bias the brakes more towards the front than with the original brakes.  It might be possible to change the brake bias using the brake proportioning valve but I would leave it alone because most of the valves have rusted and no longer work and because you need a specialist to dial in the correct amount of brake bias.  I suggest taking it to a brake specialist to calibrate the bias.  Too much rear brake is worse than too much front brake since this can result in a skid and loss of directional control, especially when turning.  

Comparison between the stock jetta and passat TDI front brakes "Stock G54" and the girling g60 brakes.

Picture of the caliper and carrier separated

Parts and tools (links are new prices, you may be able to find used and rebuild the calipers)

Sources for girling g60 brake parts:  The girling g60 can be found from 1989-1991 Audi 200 turbo quattro, 92-94 Audi turbo quattro, 1990-1994 Audi V8, 1992-1994 Audi 100 V6, 1987-1988 Audi 5000 quattro turbo, 1984-1988 Audi 5000 turbo, and 1993-1995 Audi 90 V6.  Piston bore is 60mm.  In any case, part numbers are below.

Girling g60 brake calipers 
    Left: VW# 447 615 123
    Right: VW# 447 615 124
    Seal rebuild kit for Girling calipers: VW# 447 698 471
Girling g60 brake carriers VW# 447 615 125, from autopartsfair
Corrado G60 11" (280mm x 22mm) brake rotors VW #535-615-301 NOTE: this is the 4 lug rotor part number, the corrado or passat vr6 rotors have a different offset and you cannot use the vr6 rotors!
25mm brake master cylinder, (non ABS) part number is VW# 441 611 021 a.
brake fluid - DOT 4
custom brake lines - it's reported that pre1996 VR6 Mk3/B3/B4/Corrado stainless steel braided brake lines are a little short.

13mm deep socket for the brake master cylinder
11mm flare nut wrench for the hydraulic lines - avoid using an open end socket because they can strip the nuts

NOTE: Minimum 15" alloy wheel for brake clearance, cannot use 15" VW steel wheels
All these parts are required for the girling g60 brake upgrade

Non ABS mk3 TDI use a 22.2 mm master brake cylinder. 
B4 Passat with ABS, use a 23.8 mm master brake cylinder.


Remove the brake caliper, carrier, and rotor and replace using the new parts. If you need more details, refer to 1000q: a3/b4 front brakes.

You also should replace the brake master cylinder with VW# 441 611 021 a to keep pedal travel the same.  The stock master cylinder has a diameter of 22mm. The new one should have a diameter of 25mm.  This extra capacity is a better fit to push the larger fluid capacity of the G60's 2 piston caliper.  Remove the brake fluid reservoir, remove the old master cylinder, and bolt in the new one.  Clean the old reservoir and reinstall.  Afterwards, you must bleed the brakes and clutch to get out any air. The master cylinder is made by ATE, VW# "441 611 021 a" brake master cylinder for 200 turbo/200 turbo quattro.  The new master cylinder may be missing the clip for the reservoir.

Here is a pic by lupin the 3rd showing an old non ABS 22mm brake master cylinder on left, new 25mm on right VW# 441 611 021 a.

Picture of left and right calipers and carriers

Picture of installed girling g60 brakes