Where is it? Locations of miscellaneous items-mk4 TDI engine

May 10, 2014
Where is it? Locations of miscellaneous items-mk4 TDI engine
  • Where is it? A list of miscellaneous items

    Want to see where it is? What is it? It is it! Here is a listing of some common items that you may want to be able to identify.

    Headlight bulbs - refer to: 1000 answered questions: change headlight bulb


    1. Oil filler - this is where you add more oil if you need oil
    2. Oil dipstick - pull it straight out to check the oil level
    3. Oil filter housing - unscrew this when you need to change the oil filter
    For tips on changing the oil, refer to 1000 answered questions: oil change: a4

    4. Injection pump - this is what pressurizes and pumps the fuel

    0. Brake fluid reservoir - this holds brake fluid and clutch fluid if you have a manual transmission - for a better picture, refer to 1000 answered questions: brake and clutch fluid service.

    7. Air filter - intake air is filtered here, this filter occasionally needs changing


    5. Coolant reservoir - check to make sure the coolant is between the max and min marks

    6. Power steering reservoir - check in here to see if there is enough power steering fluid

    8. Fuel Filter - change according to service interval

    9. Windshield washer fluid - top it off occasionally


    1. Cylinder head (1 total)- this is the top of the engine. It houses the valves (not visible from exterior) and fuel injectors and glow pumps. It is the entire dark gray part of the engine which everything else is stuck into.

    2. Glow plugs (4 total)- these warm up the cylinders before starting the engine. They go through the cylinder head and project into the cylinder. They are connected by the glow plug wires (thick black plastic wire).

    3. Fuel injectors (4 total)- located above the glow plugs, these inject the fuel. The metal hard lines from the injection pump lead to the fuel injector tops. Note that the 3rd glow plug has a needle lift sensor on it.

    4. Vacuum reservoir (1 total)- this holds vacuum, needs no maintenance

    Brake/clutch bleed nipple - refer to 1000 answered questions: clutch/brake fluid service

    Cabin and engine intake air filter - located under the passenger side windshield molding - refer to: 1000 answered questions: changing intake and cabin air filters

    Manual transmission fill or drain hole - under the car, refer to: 1000q: manual transmission oil service

    Turbocharger - located between the engine and the firewall, not very visible unless you look at an angle. For more information on turbochargers and what it looks like, please refer to the turbocharging FAQ article in the wiki

    Anti-shudder valve - if your car isn't starting, this could be stuck closed. It is similar in structure to a throttle. You can manually open and close it in case it is stuck. Part of it is the bulb-like structure with a lever on the end of the intake manifold. Here is a picture with the valve open. If it's stuck, just move the lever and the "throttle" will open. See the runaway engine FAQ article in the wiki for more details.


    Here is a picture of the valve and the EGR removed from the car. (it's upside down)


    ECU - located under the center windshield molding

    Sunroof manual operation wrench/hole - pull of the roof console panel. Under the roof console panel there is a wrench to operate the sunroof manual operation hole, circled in red


    HVAC lighting

    There is a light bulb under the fan speed knob that burns out. If your panel is dark, pull the knob straight out and the light bulb can be pulled straight out and replaced.


    Fuse box


    OBDII obd2 VAG-COM (now called VCDS) port and relay box - it's the purple thing located under the driver's side dashboard.


    MAF - the mass air flow sensor is an air sensor that measures how much air passes the sensor

    N108 - cold start injector. See this PDF : n108 pdf

    N75 - this is the wastegate by-pass regulator valve. This solenoid controls the movement of the pneumatic actuator which drives the VNT actuator. In the picture at the top of the page, it is located on the firewall behind the air intake accordian hose.

    G80 - Needle lift sensor - located on the 3rd injector. This is the injector that looks different from the others. This sensor is part of the feedback loop which senses the start of injection.

    Fuel shut off solenoid - located on the driver's side of the injection pump above the fuel hard lines. This shuts off the fuel to the pump.
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