VW Mark 4 Golf Broken Fuel Hatch Temp. Fix

Jul 3, 2014
VW Mark 4 Golf Broken Fuel Hatch Temp. Fix
  • Fob won't work & the door panel switch did nothing. All locks work & fuse is good. So either the door panel switch, wiring or the electric activator is shot but that doesn't help when at the pump with a low tank.
    After searching the net & Bentley & punting ...

    Do not remove 'c' pillar panels or the rear seat belt.

    Do remove the way back black horizontal plastic thingy that covers area inside the car opposite of the fuel hatch.You want to be able to see the off white vertical panel with several horizontal holes. On my Golf 4 door, I can slip a long, heavy blade screwdriver into one hole & pry up on the actuator opening the hatch. But I didn't have a long, heavy screw driver ... a tent pole did the trick!

    Good driving & keep passing by the stealerships.