turbo pipe broken stud repair-mk4

Nov 17, 2013
turbo pipe broken stud repair-mk4
  • Fix for Broken Turbo Pipe Stud

    Does this sound familiar? "It's just a 6mm nut that's being a little stubborn--I'll just crank a little harder," and then...the stud twists off. When the stud is welded to the body, it's a little harder to figure out what to do.

    This is the turbo outlet-to-intercooler pipe. The nut that attaches the pipe to the body is shown being removed.
    turbopipe -stud.jpg
    When this stud twists off, it is a problem because the pipe is then supported by only the hoses and hose clamps at the ends of the pipe.

    Here is what I did to work around this problem.
    turbopipe -stud-2.jpg
    The body stud that attaches the right side engine cover is right next door and has standard 5mm x 0.8 thread. I purchased a 3 inch hose clamp and figured out the best orientation for it (I put the adjuster on the inboard side of the pipe with the head of the adjuster pointed down). I drilled a 15/64" hole in the appropriate location in the clamp and mounted it using a washer and nut. It is plenty stable and will last. (I repaired a broken exhaust pipe hanger on my wife's Audi A4Q-2.8 with a hose clamp about 8 years ago and it is still going strong!)
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