Shift boot or shift knob replacement-mk4 vw

May 6, 2014
Shift boot or shift knob replacement-mk4 vw
  • Shift boot or shift knob replacement

    The stock vinyl shifter boot wears out with use. The vinyl VW replacement is expensive and a shift boot isn't a very complicated item so I prefer aftermarket replacements. This article shows how to remove the shifter boot or shift knob and replace.


    I used a replacement made out of novasuede/alcantara suede-like material from redline goods. The camera flash makes the suede appear lighter in color than it really is. They do color stitching, piping, patterns, and have a variety of colors/materials to choose from. If you have any questions or need more help on replacing the shifter boot, please ask at the TDI discussion forums.

    1 shift boot, see below for more details

    If you wish to add a short shifter kit to your VW, see's short shifter page . Here's an installation on a newer car (similar but different part)

    The shifter boot bottom is held with a built in elastic. You can either slide the front edge out or pull up the surround. Flip the boot up and remove the crimp to release the shift knob. I prefer to pry the crimp wider with a screwdriver so I can reuse it.

    Pull the assembly off. Here it is flipped inside-out with the crimp and black ring visible.

    Carefully pry the black plastic ring off to release the boot.

    Installation is the reverse of removal. Use pliers to recrimp the crimp. If it's damaged then use a small worm drive hose clamp to secure the boot or any other clamp.
    I also purchased a suede armrest cover. It's a tight fit held with elastic and just slips over the armrest.