Seat removal - front and rear - mk5 VW

Nov 27, 2016
Seat removal - front and rear - mk5 VW
  • How to remove the front or rear seats on the Volkswagen Mk5 range

    difficulty: 1/5

    This page shows how to remove or replace the front seats and rear bench the various models of the Volkswagen Mk5/MkV range of cars, including VW Jetta, Golf, GTI, GLI

    WARNING: do NOT turn on the ignition switch (with the battery connected) whilst any of the seat electrical connectors are separated - as this will result in the Airbag warning light being permanently displayed, and will require the relevant diagnostic trouble code (DTC) clearing with appropriate diagnostic equipment such as official dealer VAS5051/5052/5053 or VCDS.


    • 10mm triple square (12 point spline) bit
    • torque wrench
    • 10mm socket to disconnect battery

    Procedure to remove the front bucket seats mk5 VW

    Remove the head restraints, as this will give slightly more clearance when eventually removing seat from vehicle interior. Set the backrest as far upright and forward as it will go. Then raise the seat bottom as high as it will go. Slide the seat all the way forwards to get access to the two rear 12 point (triple square, spline) bolts per seat on the front seat rail. Remove the rear bolts fully as shown below.

    Then lower the seat down as low as it will go, and slide the seat fully rearwards to allow access to the two front 12 point bolts and remove the bolts.

    Disconnect the battery negative terminal (10mm). When you reconnect the battery make sure to reset the memory seats, one touch windows, and steering adaptation. Refer to the links and 1000q: battery removal for more details. Step on the brakes a few times to discharge any stored electricity and touch a bare metal ground to discharge any static electricity on you.

    Disconnect the seat electrical connector plugs under the seats. One has a lever in the middle that has to be pressed to release the plug, two have slider locks that have to be pressed down, and one has a hook in the middle that has to be pulled back. Depending on factory specification, you may have fewer connected plugs under your seats. Also shown in the image below is one of the front seat rail 12 point triple spline bolts.

    Below is a picture of the passenger (right) side with the electrical plugs removed. The white arrow below left shows the white slider that has to be pressed down to release the plug - with the socket remaining in the car upon disconnection. The below right image shows the pale blue slider which has to be pressed down to release.

    Verify that all electrical connections are free and not liable to be snagged, make any final adjustment the seat to make it easier to pull out, and then carefully remove the seat from the vehicle interior. Make sure to not drag or bash the seat rails - or else you'll get major scratches on the door sills. Marvel at all the missing stuff under the seats, and vacuum out that rattling coin you couldn't find.

    Installation is fundamentally the reverse procedure for removal. Carefully place the seat back inside the vehicle interior, and align the seat runners to their appropriate floor fixing points, observing their centering pins near the front of the seat rails.

    Before reconnecting any electrical plugs/sockets, touch a bare metal ground to discharge any possible static electricity. Then connect the relevant plugs to their appropriate socket and push together until you hear its connection lock click.

    Ensure the seat rail centering pins engage in their respective sockets on the floor, and then hand thread each seat rail bolt HAND tight to account for any play. Once all four bolts are hand tight - move the seat fully forwards and rearwards, making sure that both sides of the seat rails lock simultaneously when the under-seat adjustment lever is released. If necessary, loosen each bolt by half turn to ensure seat rail lock synchronisation. When satisfied of correct seat fitment, torque tighten the triple square bolts to 40 Newton.metres (Nm) or 30 ft-lb.

    Reconnect the battery earth terminal, and re-synchronise power windows and if fitted, seat memory settings and adjust clock and date.

    Procedure to take out Mk5 VW rear seats

    Move the front seats all the way forwards.

    Remove the four ISOFIX child seat anchor plastic trim pieces by pulling them upwards and then rotating briefly around the metal anchor bar.

    Visually determine where the two front edge catches are located (indicated in the two lower yellow arrows in the image below). Grasp the lower front edge of the seat base near these catches are located, and then sharply tug upwards to release each front catch. Then push the entire bench seat towards the rear of the car and wiggle it around to disengage the metal loops. As you further pull the seat base away, the seat belt buckles either side of the centre seat will slide through their respective gaps in the seat base.

    Installation is the reverse of removal, but ensure that the seat belt buckles are correctly placed in their respective cut-outs, and the rear catches are pressed downwards and rearwards so they correctly locate under their retaining brackets on the floorpan, and then finally ensure the front catches click into place. Verify that all rear seatbelts engage correctly in their appropriate buckles.