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Ross tech VCDS mods for mk4 VW

Apr 26, 2014
Ross tech VCDS mods for mk4 VW
  • Ross tech VCDS mods (vag com) for mk4 VW Jetta, Passat, New Beetle, Golf

    This article shows VCDS mods for 98-2006 mk4 VW like door autolocking, horn confirmation, and more.

    difficulty: 2/5

    The one behavior that cannot be changed with the vcds is the auto re-lock after 30 seconds of not opening the door. This is to prevent leaving the car unlocked if you accidentally press the key fob. If the door auto re-locks after about 30 seconds even if you did open the door or the overhead light doesn't come on even though it should be on, the door module is broken. See 1000q: door module replacement for the repair.

    1 VCDS cable and software from Ross tech

    VCDS tweaks and mods procedure for mk4 Jetta, Golf, Passat, and Beetle
    For all procedures, first plug in your VCDS cable. The green LED should turn on. Start the software and click "Select" to enter the modules.

    Click on "46 - Central Conv" to enter the comfort convenience module (CCM).

    The options are either in Coding or Adaptation. The current code is shown under "Soft coding". The VW part number of your version of CCM is shown under VAG number. There were a number of different CCM used across the mk4 generation.

    Unlock all doors with one press of the unlock button on the remote vs. unlock driver's door-first press, unlock all doors-second press
    Click Coding and put the mouse over the first box highlighted below. The following codes will set the following options. For example, if you have a 4 door car and 4 power windows and want all-door-unlocking, enter 00259. Click "Do it!" to save and then "Close Controller, Go Back" to safely close the module.

    How to disable the doors automatically locking above 10 mph
    Enter the Adaptation menu. Go to channel 3 by hitting up.

    If the stored value in channel 3 is 0, the doors won't lock above 10 mph. If the value is 1, the doors lock above a certain speed. Click Save when done.

    How to set the doors to automatically unlock when you pull the key out of the ignition slot
    Go to channel 4. The default state is 0. Enter 1 and save to enable this.


    Disable the horn when you unlock the doors
    CCM Adaptation channel 6 will turn the horn confirmation on or off when you unlock the doors.

    Disable the horn when you lock the doors
    Channel 7 adjusts the horn confirmation when you lock the doors.

    Channel 8 in the CCM - lights flash when you unlock the doors
    Channel 8 in the CCM module adaptation lets you turn off the lights flash when you unlock the doors. There's another channel to adjust the function when you lock the doors but I didn't take a picture. This should be far enough for you to learn how to use VCDS sofware. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask in the VW Jetta TDI forum and Audi A3 TDI forum at myturbodiesel.com.