Radiator removal - mk4 VW and Audi TDI

Nov 12, 2013
Radiator removal - mk4 VW and Audi TDI
  • How to remove the radiator on a mk4 VW or Audi TDI - A4 chassis, Jetta, Golf, and New beetle

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    To get to condenser, we have popped out grille, unscrewed 7 fasteners holding cover to bumper.

    Next came headlamps 2 screws top & 2 bottom each side, wire connections for fans & temp switch, Drained radiator @ petcock, removed A/C line next to lower radiator connection.

    Next came removing the upper dryer line. Also spread the clamp on the dryer so when you pull radiator support the dryer stays @ frame rail.

    We loosened the radiator hoses at the engine side and unconnected the hood release cable. A bolt at the front edge fender at the hood line and 2 thru bumper at frame horn and the support is ready to pull off.

    We set the support on a closed top drum ( a narrow table will work too) 4 screws and lift off support from condenser/ radiator assembly.

    After breaking apart the 2 and replacing the radiator( or in our case the condenser) the simple reverse of steps and your done.

    A little over 2 & 1/2 hours with teenager help