Radiator AC fan motor repair on mk6 Volkswagen

Apr 30, 2016
Radiator AC fan motor repair on mk6 Volkswagen
  • How to replace the radiator or air conditioning fan on a mk6 VW Jetta, Golf, or Sportwagen.

    There are two fans in the front of the car which cool the radiator. One of them is smaller and may turn on if the air conditioning is turned on.

    The Aux fan blades broke off the spindle, motor still works. The MAIN fan was in good shape, till I grabbed it by the ring as it was falling
    downward, and tore a piece off. I was going to salvage this by mounting a universal 11" fan to the AUX area. Now, I would need a 15" and
    an 11" fans to make a working unit. Will probably just throw this thing away now. Notice one flap is missing, that may have came off on impact
    of the animal, and pulled through the fan blades, which broke two of them completely off.

    Here is a new aftermarket unit, about $90.00 shipped.


    Removed the old one, and it was not easy. I managed to tilt it down, and get it vertical then pulled it up and out. Had to pull
    back the radiator hose on the driver side.


    The fan motor made contact with the RAD when the "animal" hit the front of the car on that side. It is not bent, the shock jarred the assembly
    and that part made contact, as seen by the round impression towards the bottom of the rad. The damage above that was when the fan shot off
    the motor, went into a vent hole, and part of the fan hit the rad. The fan blade was already broken, and if it would have broken off and
    and one of the broken ends went in, it would have put a hole in the rad. Not sure if the shock broke the blades, or when the flap wass
    pulled in, and through the fan, which is more likely. I did not find the flap, anywhere. I got plenty of plastic pieces fall out when I
    took the belly pan off. Nothing fell out when I took the shroud/assembly off. The condenser in front of the rad is bent, just a little,
    at the very bottom.


    New unit installed. Had to put it in vertically, and angle it up into the area. That was more difficult than taking it out. The rad hose on the
    passenger side, and the intercooler hose on the driver side make it difficult to angle in... I pulled the rad hose back farther, and was
    able to angle it in, and straighten horizontally, and pull up to line the mount holes up. All the mount holes lined up with the aftermarket
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