Oil filter assembly, dipstick, and high pressure turbo oil line removal - CJAA/CBEA

Jul 9, 2015
Oil filter assembly, dipstick, and high pressure turbo oil line removal - CJAA/CBEA
  • How to remove the oil filter assembly, dipstick, and high pressure turbo oil line: CJAA/CBEA Audi, VW 2.0L TDI engine

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    This article shows DIY removal of the oil filter housing, dipstick, turbo oil feed line (high pressure) and oil cooler on a 2.0: TDI engine for VW Jetta, Golf, or Sportwagen (Golf wagon), and Audi A3.


    The dipstick is bolted in a few places so it shouldn't have any problems with vibration from the engine.

    The oil cooler circulates coolant through the oil filter housing. It is one of a few places oil and water can mix. If you ever replace the oil cooler, make sure to pressure test it in water using compressed air because I've gotten bad ones which wasted a full load of coolant, oil, and an extra day spent cleaning and flushing the system.

    The Jetta/Golf/Audi A3 engine is shown but most of this article can also apply to the Passat TDI engine. The biggest difference is that the Passat engine uses an air-water intercooler as part of the intake manifold. If you have a Passat and can add notes, pictures, or corrections specific to the Passat, please post in the forums to help improve this article!

    NOTE: This was performed on my demo engine out of the car. If you can provide additional tips, corrections, or pictures showing this procedure in the car, please post in the myturbodiesel.com TDI forums and help improve the article! This demo engine was partially paid for with site donations, please use the donate button above so I can provide more great DIY!


    M8 and M10 triple square (12 point) bit
    T30 Torx screwdriver
    17mm open wrench

    Procedure for oil filter removal on your 2010+ VW Golf, JSW, GSW, or Jetta (or newer).
    Remove the high pressure EGR line on the intake manifold. The 2 bolts are indicated below left. Below right is a bracket that you should remove to get some additional play.

    The other end goes to the exhaust manifold. You'll have to remove the curved aux air intake pipe. It's held with 1 torx screw and a plastic snap (pull it out)

    NOTE: I did this after removing the intake manifold. While the engine is in the car, you probably have to remove the EGR and intake valves on the intake manifold. You do not need to remove the entire intake manifold. See 1000q: intake manifold removal for details.

    Unplug the EGR and intake valve plugs. Disconnect the 10mm bolt holding the dipstick and the 2x T30 bolts for the intake manifold brace.

    Underneath that black wiring bracket there is another 10mm nut. Remove it.

    Unscrew the turbo high pressure oil line, it's behind the oil pressure sensor plug. DO NOT BEND the oil line! If it gets bent, discard the line and replace it with a new line or else you'll be replacing the turbo soon. If you need more play on the oil turbo line, remove the 2 bolts/nuts holding the oil pressure line.

    If you ever need to remove the oil line, the only thing holding it in place after those 2 bolts/nuts is the union on top of the turbo. It's visible from the top of the turbo and in the picture below. Here is the turbo oil feed line removed.

    In case you want to remove the dipstick, here it is removed. After the bolts are removed it simply pulls out. There's a long neck that goes into the engine.

    Unplug the oil pressure sensor plug and the 4x bolts holding the oil filter assembly. The bolts are of different lengths so keep them in order.

    With the hoses in place the oil pressure plug looks like this:

    Here is the engine speed sensor plug shown after everything was removed. I'm not sure if you need to unplug it for access. I would avoid it because access to the locking clip is difficult and if the plug lock is damaged and the plug works loose later, the engine will have running problems.

    Here is the oil filter housing removed.

    When tightening the oil filter assembly, tighten the 4 bolts in the following order: upper left, lower right, then the other 2 in a diagonal fashion.

    Make sure the high pressure oil line is installed without tension.

    Torque specs

    4x oil filter bracket bolts: 11 ft-lb (15 Nm) + an additional 1/4 turn. Always replace these bolts since they are torque to yield "stretch" bolts.
    high pressure oil line union: 16 ft-lb (22 Nm)
    2x high pressure EGR line bolts: 15 ft-lb (20 Nm)
    oil dipstick bolt: 6 ft-lb (8 Nm)
    T30 throttle and EGR bolts: 6 ft-lb (8Nm)
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