New Beetle broken door handle repair and replacement 1998-2006

May 6, 2014
New Beetle broken door handle repair and replacement 1998-2006
  • VW New Beetle broken door handle repair and replacement 1998-2006

    The plastic New Beetle door handles often break. This article shows how to remove the door handle and replace it with a dieselgeek metal Beetlebrace replacement.

    difficulty: 1/5


    The door handle is not sold separately by VW. You must buy the entire door interior panel (door card). For this reason, the metal dieselgeek replacement is suggested. For support on this topic, please post in the forum thread. The Beetlebrace is ideal for repairing cracked door handles like this one:

    1 per side beetlebrake or replacement handle from

    An overall view of the kit. These stainless steel kits fit all New Beetles:

    Hey y'all,

    Jim from here. I've been working on a problem specific to New Beetles and if you have a New Beetle with a cracked door handle this should interest you. What it is is a set of three products to either repair or replace the cracked or missing inside door handle OR preemptively keep the cracks from happening in the first place. This can be done cheaply with the Dieselgeek Beetlebrace. The Beetlebrace bolts onto the stock handle after the dimpled cover is removed and provides a tensile skeleton for the weak ABS handles. The stock handles are made into the door panel. The Beetlebrace allows the stock dimpled plastic stock cover to pop right back on.

    After the crack has been epoxied and the Beetlebrace is bolted on:

    If your handle is completely broken off, too far gone or if you just want the Bling of a CNC machined aluminum replica of your stock handle you can go for the Love Handle. (The love handle is curved and has more decoration)

    If you are more on a budget you can go for the Like Handle (The like handle is straight)

    We have a solution for any degree of damage or price level. The Beetlebrace is a great piece to prevent cracks from happening in the first place. I think everyone who has a New Beetle whether their handles are cracked or not should consider the Beetlebrace to keep their expensive door panels intact! The door panels are over $500 each at the dealer!