Mudflap installation on VW

Apr 30, 2014
Mudflap installation on VW
  • DIY Mudflap installation on mk4 VW

    This article shows how to install front mudflaps on a VW Passat.

    difficulty: 1/5


    Other mk4 mudflaps are similar. While there are cheaper copies I suggest getting the OEM genuine mudflaps because they will fit better. Sometimes generic parts work fine or even better but when it comes to body parts, OEM generally fit best.

    1 front mudflap kit
    front mudflaps for 2001.5-2005 VW Passat 3b0 075 111 b
    rear mudflaps for 2001.5-2005 VW Passat 3b0 075 101 b

    short T25 torx bit (can't use screwdriver unless the wheel is removed)
    a punch or nail

    Here are the parts per side.

    With the wheels pointed forward, remove the inner T25 torx screw (the one shown below on the left). Because the tire is in the way, you must use a short bit instead of a torx screwdriver. If you only have a torx screwdriver, remove the wheel for clearance.

    Turn the wheel to one side. Remove the outer T25 torx screw (the one shown above on the right). Take a hose and flush out any dirt accumulated behind the plastic wheel well liner. Wipe off any dirt on the paint.

    Test fit the mudflap. Loosely screw in the torx screws. The inner T25 torx screw is reused in the original spot. The replacement for the outer T25 torx screw is a long T25 torx screw and it is used in where the outer screw was. The original outer screw goes to the lower outer spot on the mudflap. When I took the pic I put it in the wrong spot so the white arrow below shows the correct spot. Take a punch or nail and make a small hole for the outer lower T25 torx screw.

    Remove the muflap and put the metal screw backing on the original plastic fender liner with the screw hole over the hole you made. This gives the torx screw someplace to hold onto. Now install the mudflap and tighten the 3 T25 torx screws.

    Bend the plastic tabs back and then use pliers to press on the metal clamps. The clamps are shown partially installed below.

    Make sure the mudflap is tight against the fender. The upper clamp has a padded flap - bend it back and use it to cushion the mudflap while you press on the clamp (shown below). Then cut away the padded flap.