Motor mount replacement: mk3 VW Passat TDI or VW Jetta TDI

Apr 18, 2017
Motor mount replacement: mk3 VW Passat TDI or VW Jetta TDI
  • Motor mount replacement VW Passat TDI or VW Jetta TDI
    Difficulty: 2/5


    These DIY instructions show how to replace motor mounts on 1996-1999 mk3 VW Passat TDI or VW Jetta TDI.

    Due to age, heat, and vibration, the motor mounts will eventually lose their integrity and become shorter. If you are experiencing steering wheel vibration, shift lever vibration, lots of cabin noise and vibration through the seat and pedals, you could have a bad motor mount. I would suggest looking at the suspension as well. If the problem is related to motion and the wheels turning, the problem may be the suspension/wheels/tires/bushing, etc.

    Another reason to replace the motor mounts is that they may interfere with the CV boot heatshield. If the sag too far, the engine will be lower in the engine bay and it can cause the exhaust to touch the CV boot heatshield. Is it better to replace the motor mounts than to install a heatshield and prevent the CV boot from drying out? That's up to you. Note that your car may not have a heatshield stock from the factory, but there are mounting holes for it and the mk4 heatshield fits perfectly. Replacing the front motor mount will also make it easier to access the oil filter.

    Please read these directions fully before attempting this job, since the procedure for changing these TDI mounts is similar to gas VW mk3 and earlier VWs, you may want to consider taking it to a VW mechanic, a TDI specialist is not needed for this.

    Here is a picture of an old mount next to a new mount. It got shorter and some cracks were starting to appear in the holes. If you want to make your mounts stiffer the poor man's way, stuff liquid silicone, 3m window weld, or liquid urethane through the holes. Yes, it does work.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Note - I am told that the stock passat hydraulic trans mount pictured below left is correct for all mk3 TDI. The solid mount will work but may be for automatic transmissions. If the hydraulic mount is leaking, it definitely needs to be replaced.

    The rear pass side motor mount may be hydraulic in the Jetta TDI.

    Parts - (click links to compare current prices)
    Note - there are multiple passenger side motor mount and transmission motor mount part numbers. I suggest using the part number in bold but both should work.

    floor jack, jackstands, and wheel chocks
    engine support or lift
    metric wrenches and sockets, 13mm, 17mm, extensions
    8mm allen socket/bit

    For Passat:
    Front motor mount VW# 1h0 199 609 J
    Passat passenger side rear motor mount VW# 357 199 262 d
    Transmission mount VW# 3a0 199 402 (referred to as rubb mount)

    For Jetta:Front motor mount VW# 1h0 199 609 J
    Jetta passenger side rear motor mount VW# 1h0 199 262 L "hydromounting"
    Transmission mount VW# 3a0 199 402 (referred to as rubb mount)

    There are some possible duplicate part numbers, here they are. Please confirm the correct part number with your part vendor. From Arizona Autohaus, autohaus part numbers (some duplicates) Trans mount 3A0 199 402, Right pass side mount 357 199 262 E, Front mount 1H0 199 609 J

    optional: engine support: about $75 shipped from Northern Tool, about $40 from Harbor Freight before shipping, you can also make your own

    Mount mount replacement instructions
    Raise the car and place securely on jackstands, chock the rear wheels, and make sure the car is secure before getting under it! See 1000q: making wood blocks for ideas on jacking up the car with wood blocks. Since you are going to be under the car, I suggest blasting the area with compressed air. Always wear safety goggles because falling dirt can damage your eyes!

    Spray the bolts that you need to remove with PB blaster and let soak. Wipe off any excess so that it doesn't drip into your eyes. Since the engine will fall out if you remove all the mounts, only replace 1 mount at a time. Pay attention to the height that you jack up the engine. Make sure that you use a block of wood between the jack and the engine so that it is not damaged if you jack from the oil pan.

    Also note where the orienting tabs that stick of the motor mounts fit into their respective mount brackets.

    The front motor mount is held in place by 1 bolts and the weight of the engine on the mount. The mount bracket has 2 bolts holding it to the the starter/engine. Before raising the engine, loosen the allen bolt underneath the mount (1x 8mm in green below). The weight on the mount will prevent it from spinning when you loosen the bolt. Support the engine as necessary with a jack and wood. You can also use an engine support such as an engine lift or by hanging a bar that goes across the top of the engine bay. If you can't get it out by raising the engine, remove the front motor mount bracket. Note the orientation of the little tab (pictured above ) on the mount to it's bracket.

    Remove this 8mm allen bolt before loosening or raising the engine so the mount doesn't spin.

    To remove the rear engine mount, first support the engine as necessary with a jack and wood or other method. Jack up the engine slightly to get the weight off the mount. Remove the mount bracket (2x 13mm bolts) and mount (1x 17mm? bolt). Rear mount bolt is circled in red below. You should be able to get to most of the bolts with extensions or reach around from underneath with a wrench.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    A bottom view, you can see the cup that holds the mount behind the axle. You have to raise the engine high enough to clear the cup.


    With the motor mount bracket removed. You can see the 2x 13mm bolts holding the mount in place.


    To replace the transmission mount (pictured below after transmission removal), remove the bolt in the mount (17mm x1 bolt) and the 2x 13mm bolts holding the mount in it's cup. Jack up that end slightly with a piece of wood. Remove the top 2 bolts of the transmission bracket. Loosen the third bolt so you can slide the bracket out. I don't think it's possible to get the mount out without removing the mount bracket. This mount will be difficult to remove if the transmission is still in place.

    Installation is the reverse of removal.

    Torque specs:
    driver side transmission mount:

    engine-mount bracket (3x bolts) - 18 ft lbs
    mount bracket-mount (1x bolt) - 44 ft lbs
    mount-frame (2x bolts) 22 ft lb
    front engine mount (by the starter): The 2 large bolts and the small allen head bolt are all 41 ft lbs.

    pass side rear engine mount: The large bracket-motor mount bolt is 44 ft lbs, all other bolts are 18 ft lbs.