MK4 tow eye socket

May 10, 2014
MK4 tow eye socket
  • Mk4 VW tow eye socket inspection

    One thing to do on your MK4 before winter sets in is to clean out the threads in the front tow eye socket. Don't wait until you're stuck in snow to find out that you should have done this.

    Due to the location of both the intercooler air intake and the tow eye socket behind the lower right grille, the socket gets plugged with road grime. I'd check it whenever you put the snow tires on.

    Pop out the lower right grille insert and you'll see the threaded socket for the tow eye. Squirt some carb cleaner in it and then clean it out with a $5 plumber's copper pipe brush like this, commonly available at any hardware store: (A battery cable clamp cleaner may also work.)

    Note that the tow eye socket has left-hand threads. This means turn the cleaning brush counterclockwise to get it in as far as possible, then clockwise to remove.

    Now test it. See if your tow eye goes in ok - by turning the tow eye counter-clockwise.

    The tow eye socket has, I believe, M18 x 2 left-hand threads.