Jetta rear bumper and taillight removal

Apr 30, 2014
Jetta rear bumper and taillight removal
  • Mk4 VW Jetta rear bumper and taillight removal

    This article shows how to remove the rear bumper and/or rear taillights. There may be an unused spot in the taillights. This is for a rear fog light (not equipped on us models, and you must add a euroswitch headlight switch to use the rear fog light.

    First disconnect battery. To remove the rear bumper, you must first remove the taillights.

    To remove the rear taillights
    To remove taillights: (3x8mm) bolts hold in each taillight.

    For pass side, pull back the carpeting and remove 3 8mm bolts on the driver's side. When pulling out the passenger side light, be careful not to damage the brackets and rivets.


    For driver's side, pull back carpeting and remove light bulbs. 2 8mm bolts (in pink) can be removed now. 3rd 8mm bolt may be underneath the cd changer bracket.


    Remove cd changer bracket (5 10mm bolts in yellow) and pull back carpeting.


    The 3rd 8mm bolt for the driver's side taillight may be here, remove bolt, being careful not to drop it inside the car. Try using magnetic sockets.


    Driver's side taillight can now be removed.

    To remove the rear bumper

    First, if your taillights have not been removed, remove them now as instructed above. You may need to remove the cd changer to access the bolts

    Look for bolts under the bumper and inside the wheel wells.

    Remove 1 T25 Torx bolt and a removable plastic pin in the middle, under each taillight.

    Remove 3 T20 torx screws in each wheel well.

    Remove 2 (3 on the Jetta) T25 bolts under the rear bumper skin.

    Unplug the license plate plug near the driver's side tail light.

    Rear bumper should now come off.

    Installation is the reverse of removal.