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Instrument cluster removal: mk6 VW Golf or Jetta Sportwagen

Jun 11, 2015
Instrument cluster removal: mk6 VW Golf or Jetta Sportwagen
  • Instrument cluster removal: mk6 VW Golf or Jetta Sportwagen

    difficulty: 2/5

    This article shows how to remove the instrument cluster in your mk6 VW Golf or mk6 VW Jetta Sportwagen.

    This is an archived writeup by Code3VW, many thanks for your contribution! If you are installing a replacement instrument cluster you must program the immobilizer for the new cluster or else the engine will shut off after a second. See 1000q: immobilizer FAQ for more details on the system.

    If you have a mk6 Jetta, please refer to 1000q: mk6 Jetta cluster removal. The procedure is slightly different. The Golf-Sportwagen full screen clusters will not work in a Jetta.


    T20 screwdriver

    Procedure to remove the Sportwagen or Golf wagon instrument cluster
    Gently pull on the trim in front of the cluster to release it and access the two screws that hold the cluster.

    In this picture, notice the 4 silver clips above the 2 screw holes being pointed out. This is how that trim is held in place. Remove the two T20 screws that hold the trim in place.


    Remove the blue plug harness from the rear of the cluster. To remove it, press down on the little tab as shown in the next picture and then rotate the pink part of the connector up. This will release the connector from the back of the cluster.



    Installation is the reverse of removal.