How to repair a failing power seat switch on VW or Audi

Jul 19, 2016
How to repair a failing power seat switch on VW or Audi
  • This article shows steps to fix a possessed power seat memory switch on a Volkswagen or Audi

    One day, the power seat in my mk5 VW Jetta decided it didn't like where I was sitting and moved me back and forth into an intermediate position. Despite how hilarious it is while trying to start the car, it's also a potentially dangerous situation while driving if it pushes you too far forward or too far back where you cannot safely press the brake or gas pedals.

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    If it needs replacement, the part is VW# 1Z0 959 769 A9B9

    The most likely cause is a bad power seat switch. If the seat is moving you consistently in one direction, that should be a clue which switch to start troubleshooting. If the seat is moving you back and forth, the problem could be in the memory seat selector.

    To remove it, simply push the seat cushion aside and pinch the two tabs on the ends holding the switch in place. The tabs will go in and the switch will lift up.

    Then push in the plug lock (shown below) and remove the plug. Versus this picture, your plug's wire should be coming through the switch hole. Press the 4-6 hook tabs along the edges to split the switch open.

    I found corrosion on the circuit board of mine, probably from a little bit of water coming in through an open window. There is no waterproofing on the switch - the rubber pad is only to make the buttons pop back up after you press them and to close the circuit at the "S" looking areas on the circuit board. The bottom of the rubber pad has carbon painted on it to close the circuit when the button is pushed. It's unlikely that you've pressed the button so many times that the rubber part wore out, but if this is the case, you can put on new electrically conductive paint. I restored a TV remote button by mixing ground graphite from a pencil with superglue, then painting the mixture onto the button. (It was a nice universal remote and I wasn't going to throw it out just because the volume button wore out.) You can buy electric paint from various sources if you don't feel like making your own.

    After scraping away the corrosion and reinstalling the switch, it worked fine. If it doesn't, I would suggest buying a new switch from the dealer to avoid this common problem. I wouldn't order one before you attempt the job though. If it doesn't fix the problem, simply adjust the seat where you want it and leave the switch unplugged until the new one comes in.

    Note: The part number listed at the top is a revised part number. Although I don't know what revisions it has, I'll bet it has some waterproofing instead of none.

    If you find that the problem is in the other seat switches, remove the front seat. For that article, please refer to

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