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Hill hold activation and disable with VCDS - mk6 VW

Dec 15, 2013
Hill hold activation and disable with VCDS - mk6 VW
  • How to enable or disable hill hold on your Volkswagen Golf mk6
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    This article shows how to activate or disable and deactivate hill hold in a mk6 2010 VW Golf.
    It should also work on mk6 Jetta and other year mk6 Golf. Many thanks to smartypants66 for finding this!

    Hill hold holds the brakes until you start moving when on a hill. If your mk6 VW does not have this feature it may be possible to activate it. If your VW has this feature it may be possible to deactivate hill hold.

    Some people report that their manual transmission equipped car doesn't stall as easily after deactivating hill hold.

    Parts required
    1 Rosstech VCDS cable (hex-can or micro can)

    Plug in your ross tech cable and look for the green LED on the cable. Start the software. Click Select to select the control modules.

    Select 03-ABS Brakes.

    Click on Coding -07. (Your part numbers may be different) Then click on long coding helper.

    Go to the right, to byte 16 and you should see this screen. Click Hill Hold control active/installed to activate it. Unclick it to deactivate it. Close the window and the new code will automatically be placed in the long coding helper. Click Do it! to save. Exit the module.