Headlight bulb replacement or aiming headlights on mk4 VW

Apr 30, 2014
Headlight bulb replacement or aiming headlights on mk4 VW
  • How to change the headlight bulb or aim the headlight beam on a VW Jetta

    This article shows how to change your headlights and aim the beam.

    Difficulty: 1/5

    If your headlights are cloudy or dim, they may benefit from polishing the lens. See 1000q: headlight lens polishing for more details.

    Required materials:
    See light bulb reference guide for correct replacement bulb: 1000q: light bulb reference guide
    screwdriver or pliers

    Caution: do not touch the bulb glass with your fingers. Grease and oils from your skin will damage the bulb. If you do touch the glass, wipe the bulb clean with rubbing alcohol.

    Pry the 2 metal clips towards the outside edge with a screwdriver or thin pliers. Note: in these pictures, the battery box and intake have been removed for clarity.



    Unplug bulb, replace with new bulb.

    Aiming headlights

    This is best done at night. Park your car against a flat, even surface such as a garage door or wall. Note where the light beam falls. Turn the screw to adjust. That's it!