Golf TDI (mk7) and Audi A3 (MBQ) DIY and FAQ

Jun 26, 2015
Golf TDI (mk7) and Audi A3 (MBQ) DIY and FAQ
  • DIY and FAQ for mk7 VW Golf TDI, Jetta Sportwagen, and Audi A3 (2013/2014+)

    Why are the mk7 Golf, mk7 Jetta Sportwagen, and 3rd generation Audi A3 grouped together in the same FAQ index? Because the Golf is no longer using the same chassis or follows the same generation years as the VW Jetta. The Jetta Sportwagen is known worldwide as the Golf wagon or Golf variant and is only called the Jetta in the US because the Jetta has a more recognized name here. The Audi A3 also uses the same MBQ chassis. These cars were introduced in 2014/2015 for North America and 2013 in Europe. Use the other DIY indexes for older generation cars.

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