Glow plug harness removal - CRD engine TDI

Oct 5, 2014
Glow plug harness removal - CRD engine TDI
  • Accessing Glow Plugs - Mk6 Jetta CJAA

    Original article by 993er, thanks!

    Always one to avoid grief and regrets, I wanted to remove the glow plugs on my new 2013 Jetta TDI to clean them up and apply Beru Glow Plug Mounting Grease to the threads and shaft of the glow plugs, as instructed by Beru.

    Of course this would be easy, if the glow plug harness wires were longer, because as they are, the glow plug connectors cannot be pulled out of their locations. The whole injector and glow plug harness has to be lifted and moved to the side. This isn't rocket science, but these pics should clear up a few points.

    This is the top of your engine after the plastic cover has been removed.
    Top Of Engine - 2 - Copy-L.jpg

    • The glow plug connectors (yellow numbers) are located at 1, 2, 3 and 4.
    • The other connectors (yellow dots) have to be disconnected (see next photo).
    Injector Connector - Copy-L.jpg

    To disconnect the connector, I found it easiest to press the connector in (1) to unload the connector retainers, the ones you press to release the connector, and then pull the connector off (2). Do this to all 5 connectors shown in the previous photo.

    Hose Clamp - Copy-L.jpg

    Using a pair of pliers, release the clamp and move it in the direction of the arrow. After doing so, slide the hose off the pipe which is best done by pushing against the end of the hose.

    Wiring Harness Clip - Copy-L.jpg

    Squeeze the tabs of the cable retainer (yellow circle) and remove it from the bracket.

    Harness Tray For Glow Plugs & Injectors - Copy-L.jpg

    The hose in this photo would normally be off that pipe. Note the yellow circled tabs on the harness tray. When lifting the harness up and to the right take care as to not break those tabs as they partially wrap around the pipe. The glow plug connectors should be unsnapped from the glow plugs in order to move the complete harness out of the way.

    You now have access to your glow plugs.
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