E-code headlights: what are they and how do I install?

Apr 29, 2014
E-code headlights: what are they and how do I install?
  • E-code headlights: what are they and how do I install them?

    The euroswitch headlight switch has additional modes that the North American headlight switch does not have.

    Difficulty: 1/5 for the euroswitch alone
    Difficulty: 2/5 if you remove the headlights as well


    The E-code headlights (European specification) also have additional modes that the North American headlight does not have. Note that because they are not DOT approved lights, these modifications are technically for off-road use only! For a more complete list of US vs. E-code differences, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ECE_Regulations

    The euroswitch's turning positions are, turning clockwise: off, city light, headlight.
    The euroswitch's pull/push positions are, pulling out: fog light off, front fog light on, front and rear fog lights on. Below is a video showing some more.

    Note that the euroswitch does not affect daytime running lights.

    You may also see city lights mentioned. City lights are small, dim 5w lights that are supposed to be used in the city. You can see them lit in the animated picture below, they are in the high beam housing. Note that you must have fog lights enabled for this to work!


    Here is an example of an e-code headlight


    Note that the eurolight has nothing to do with daytime running lights. Installing a euroswitch by itself will not disable daytime running lights. To do this, remove the headlight switch, and either bend, or put some electrical tape over the TFL pin. See this article for more details: 1000q: disabling the DRL .

    To change on the US-spec headlight switch to the euroswitch, just remove the headlight switch, unplug, and replace. See the DRL disable article linked above for details.

    To change the headlights, just remove the front fascia and headlights, and replace. Always make sure the battery is disconnected before doing any work on the electrical system! For more details on removing the front fascia, see this article: 1000q: removing the headlights and fascia .