Door card removal, for 1996-1997 VW Passat

Apr 18, 2017
Door card removal, for 1996-1997 VW Passat
  • VW Passat door card removal, for 1996, 1997 VW TDI
    difficulty: 1/5


    Removing the door cards in the 1996-1997 b4 passat for reupholstering, changing the speakers, soundproofing, or getting access to the door and window mechanism.

    phillips screwdriver


    This is a very easy door card removal. 6 phillips flathead screws, 3 on each side. Pry apart the handle and remove the 2 phillips screws for the door handle. Lift the lower edge of the door panel straight up. Pull the top of the door panel towards the center of the car.

    In the picture below, the yellow circles indicate screw locations.

    The last picture shows the interior of the door car after having added soundproofing. If possible, add another layer of foam from an auto recycler (junkyard) or add mat soundproofing to the metal of the door interior. See 1000q: soundproofing if you would like tips on quiet your TDI.