Buying guide for Chevy Cruze Diesel

Dec 24, 2013
Buying guide for Chevy Cruze Diesel
  • Buying guide, FAQ, and common issues for the Chevy Cruze diesel

    The 2013 Chevy Cruze diesel is the first clean diesel passenger car sold by GM in North America. The Cruze had an optional diesel engine in its first year, 2009, but only in Europe. The gas powered Cruze was introduced to North America in 2011. This generation of diesel cars is called "clean diesel" because it meets or exceeds emissions standards in all 50 states and Canada, uses ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD), and uses diesel particulate filters and/or diesel exhaust fluid.


    Here's my review of the Cruze diesel and user nobluescreen's review

    Here's my virtual walkaround showcasing/explaining features/optioned equipment.

    Yearly changes on the Cruze diesel

    2013: First year sold in the US/Canada.
    2014: ?

    The Chevy Cruze and diesel exhaust fluid

    The Cruze uses diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) to meet NOx emissions. Adblue is a brand name diesel exhaust fluid used by German car brands. All diesel exhaust fluid is the same concentration urea/water solution and is the same except for the container it comes in. After the exhaust system is warmed up, DEF is sprayed into the exhaust in proportion to operating conditions and fuel consumption. Please refer to the DPF with DEF FAQ article for a detailed description of how the system works.

    The fluid has to be refilled before it runs out or else engine operation is reduced. The car gives plenty of warning hundreds of miles before you run out and DEF is sold at any truck stop and all German brand car dealerships since their cars/trucks also use DEF. Most American brand dealers will also stock DEF for their diesel trucks. Here's a video showing how easy it is to add Adblue fluid to your Chevy Cruze diesel.

    Chevy Cruze diesel: common problems and maintenance areas
    *Please note - this section is not for random problems or things you don't like about the car. It's for common mechanical failures or any issues that are affecting a statistically significant number of owners. Please post in the forums if you're having a problem or wish to post your personal opinion/review of the car.

    Chevy Cruze new owner FAQ

    How should I break in the car?
    As specified in the owner's manual. For the long answer, see the Engine break-in FAQ.​

    What kind of mpg should I expect?
    This depends on driver behavior, driving conditions (highway/city ratio, car loading, cold weather vs. warm weather), and fuel quality (winter diesel has winterizing agents which lower mpg).
    What are those white crystals in the trunk?
    Someone spilled Adblue fluid. It's not corrosive to painted metal or carpet and will wash out with warm water. However, if the spill wasn't caused by you it means whoever did the service is being messy or not using the correct filling tools and should clean it up for you. See the Adblue and DEF FAQ for more details and fluid info.
    Is there a manual transmission option or wagon option?
    Yes but only in ROW (rest of world) market. It might be possible to do a manual transmission swap with a correctly geared diesel transmission but it's virtually impossible to import any car that was not explicitly manufactured for US certification. Exceptions are cars older than 25 years old, limited use show cars, or if you're willing to certify the car for US roads (this will cost a few hundred thousand dollars before customs will even release it).
    How come feature "X" isn't working?
    The answer is probably in your owner's manual. Otherwise, please post in the forums. If a question becomes common, please edit this wiki to include it here!​